• Using VDK with BF512 processor


         I'm working in a customized board using BF512 processor. The main hardware features are:

    • BF512F processor;
    • 32MB external SDRAM (MT48LC16M16A2)

         I will use VDK as my software plataform. I'm trying to make a basic software just to configure…

  • RE: Why does not BF512 work at temperature below 10 degrees C?


    Have you checked anomaly 05000482 on the ADSP-BF512/BF514/BF516/BF518(F) Blackfin Anomaly List? I also suggest checking the voltage levels that you are supplying when board doesn't boot. Perhaps one the voltages (VDDINT and VDDOTP are especially…

  • BF512 TWI interrupt mode demo.

    I want to use TWI as interrupt mode, but I can't find any reference demo. I find some test code in BF518F_EZBOARD_POST, and use TWI without using interrupt mode. Can some body help me? Thanks a lot.

  • BF512 ABE0/1, SCKE status?


         Does anyone know the status of ABE0/1 and SCKE status during startup, I mean, after VDDext is set up and before VDDint is set up? And how long will be spent for startup?

         Thank you in advance.


  • BF512's MDMA can't complete

    Hi all,

    My board's platform is BF512F, I use the MDMA0 channel to tranfer data from L1 to asynchronous memory bank0, the EBIU_AMBCTRL0 register and the MDMA0's register are configed correctly. In my application, the asynchronous memory was a FPGA(XILINX…

  • Why does SESR in BF512 hang?

    I am trying to port a Lockbox application from BF547 to BF512. I faced a problem with SESR: it seems to hang within Secure Entry Mode.

    After a   raise 2 assembler instruction is issued, the next instruction is never executed. The same code works fine on…

  • BF512, PPI, DMA0 and AD7622 adc

    I am trying to use System Services to operate an AD7622 A/D converter.  The ADC is connected to the PPI and I have programmed the DMA.  I have connected the AD7622's BUSY signal to the BlackFin's DMAR0 (PG2) pin.  I can not find an adi_dma_Control…

  • using the  _memcpy_l1 function on BF512 processor

    I'm using the  "_memcpy_l1" function on BF512 processor in order to a large piece of code from data section to the instruction section.

    most of the code is transfered correctly except of 9 bytes ,alwys at the same location of the code.

  • Connect with JTAG Ice-100B to BF512

    I'm having problems to connect to the bf-512 processor with JTAG Ice-100B.

    after connecting the processor to the pwr supply 93dddf113669e0dc8fa3722ad48033d6.htmland to jtag i'm running ice test, the test shows that ice-100B connection is good.…

  • [#4925] BF518F-EZBRD defconfig fails for BF512/BF514

    [#4925] BF518F-EZBRD defconfig fails for BF512/BF514

    Submitted By: Mike Frysinger

    Open Date

    2009-02-20 11:57:34     Close Date

    2009-02-23 11:53:28


    Medium     Assignee:

    Graf Yang


    Closed     Fixed In Release:


    Found In Release: