• ADSP-BF512 external flash

    Hello, dear colleagues!

    Note please, what external flash memory for ADSP-BF512 will be preferred?

    Thanks a lot.

  • RE: BF512F Can't Output Correct SCLK


    Have you checked anomaly 05000482 in the ADSP-BF512/BF514/BF516/BF518(F) Blackfin Anomaly List ?

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  • RE: Vddflash for Non Flash variant of BF51x


    As stated in footnote 4 on page 20 of the ADSP-BF512/ADSP-BF514/ADSP-BF516/ADSP-BF518(F) Blackfin Embedded Processor Data Sheet VDDFLASH can be connected to VDDEXT (regardless of whether VDDEXT is 1.8V, 2.5V, or 3.3V nominal) in the case where there…

  • RE: "no section in the code memory space" when creating a loader file


    remove ADSP-BF512-ROM-V01.dxe from the options. This is just the ROM image which is already part of your processor.

    You may need an initialization code if you are booting into SDRAM memory.

  • RE: bf-518 changing CCLK

    Hi Chagai,

    There are minimum clock frequencies described in the ADSP-BF512/ADSP-BF514/ADSP-BF516/ADSP-BF518(F) Blackfin Embedded Processor Data Sheet . The EZ-Kit has a 25MHz input clock, so if you stick with that then your only limitation is the minimum…

  • 3 Phase PDM generators

    One of my customers has used in the past the ADSP BF538 that has a 3 phase PDM generator.

    In an effort to reduce cost for a lighter version, they are looking at the BF512 and need to generate two modulated PDM singanls.

    He is thinking to use the timer…

  • RE: BF512 OTP supply question


    The jumper on the EZ-Kit doesn't actually switch the supply, it allows software to use a GPIO to switch the supply. That being said, it is possible to use your proposed jumper method as long as you don't expose VPPOTP to 7.0V for longer the time…

  • RE: BF 512 : PLL Programming Sequence

    Hi Alon,

    We recommend that you use the bfrom_syscontrol ROM function to change the BF512 PLL . This is documented in the Dynamic Power Management chapter of the ADSP-BF51x Blackfin Processor Hardware Reference . The problem with your code may be that…

  • BF70x SPORT with External clock


    does BF70x's SPORT need three external clocks after enabling to initialize?

    Background: the BF512 needs that - see ADSP BF51x hardware reference Revision 1.2 from February 2013, first paragraph on page 19-30.

    Reason: I need to connect an AD7665…

  • RE: error


    you say you are using the DXE for the BF512 - is it possible that you are selecting the file "...\Blackfin\ldr\ADSP-BF512-ROM-V0*.dxe" as your Init Code file? Note that this file is the Boot ROM code, not an init code file.

    The only example…