• ADSP-BF512 external flash

    Hello, dear colleagues!

    Note please, what external flash memory for ADSP-BF512 will be preferred?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Test-Drive Problem : ADSP-BF512 not found

    Noob here.  I just installed VDSP with a 90 day test drive license.  My eval board has not arrived yet so I am not connected to anything.  When I create a new project ADSP-BF512 is not listed in the Select Processor.  (In fact none of the ADSP-BF51x appear…

  • BF512 vs Lockbox


    I'm work with lockbox on custom board with ADSP-BF512 and have problem that can't enter in secure mode.

    I tryed own code and WassimB's example. I tryed generate sign by different methods (including AD example's ecsign.exe). No any result…

  • RE: BF512 OTP supply question


    The jumper on the EZ-Kit doesn't actually switch the supply, it allows software to use a GPIO to switch the supply. That being said, it is possible to use your proposed jumper method as long as you don't expose VPPOTP to 7.0V for longer the time…

  • RE: BF512 booting with sdram initialization


    there are several things that can run wrong here...

    1. What is your boot source (UART Master Device)?

    2. Is the boot source evaluating the HWAIT signal?

    3. Is your hardware custom made? I assume yes as you use ADSP-BF512

    4. Have you modified…

  • RE: How to program a BF512

    Hi Craig,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Here is the information about the elfloader.exe:


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\elfloader.exe" .\Release\MyProject.dxe -b SPI -f HEX -Width 8 -v -init C:\Projects\VisualDSP\MyProject…

  • RE: Strange behavior Lockbox's unique Chip ID BF512

    Hello  Jithul,

    I have worked with many ADSP-BF512  and never encounter this behavior . Only this board give me this problem. Other boards work just fine.

    For this  particular board ,  it gave me a valid Chip ID  with no problems .   The day after when I continue…

  • memcpy_l1 BF512

    I'm trying to copy a large data vector(size 10240 bytes) from data section A to code sectionn by using memcpy_l1 method. doesn't matter  what is my start address I can't copy beyond 0xffa04000,

    I'm using BF 512 processor.

    please advice…

  • BF512: Hibernation and SRAM


         BF512 is connected to SRAM 1M by EBIU. For SPI slave mode boot (BMODE = 100), the BF512 is consuming boot data from an external SPI host device (STM32). SPI0 is configured as an SPI slave device. 

         After power on, BF512 boot (BMODE = 100) from…

  • Problems using BF512 and S1D13506

    Hi all,

        We are developing a product that need a camera and a TV out, so we may need two PPIs for the system, and for some reason we can't use bf561 or bf54x, so we choose bf512 and use an EPSON's s1d13506 chip for the tv output.

        We followed…