hi Nabeel

    i read ADSP-BF506_EZ-KIT_Lite_Manual_Rev.1.0 carefully and see there diffrent circuit in page 72,but i cant found many parts in my country such as (AD5258 MSOP10 , ADP1715 MSOP8 , ADP1864AUJZ SOT23-6 , SI4411DY SO-8)

    a want to know if i generate…

  • Stand-alone flash programmer Blackfin ADSP-BF504F for production

    Hi everyone,

    I'm an user of  VisualDSP++ 5.1.2, and program my Blackfin ADSP-BF504F through ICE100B Emulator and the Flash programmer which is embedded in VisualDSP++.

    However for production purpose, we would also like to be able to program from…

  • Flash memory falls off ADSP-BF504F

    Sometimes, once a week or month, the processor hangs. Neither internal nor external watchdog doesn't brings it from that. Initially processor  generates an exception "undefined instruction". Exception routine runs an infinite loop. Then watchdog triggers…

  • rom code for bf504f rev. 0.1

    Hi to all!!!

    I have a ADSP bf504f by rev.0.1. But i didn't find a  rom code source files for this revision(((
    Please, tell me where can i find it?


  • RE: PCB land pattern for BF504F


    The PCB land pattern/footprint details are available in the product specific datasheet. For "ADSP-BF504F" please refer to Figure 94 (Pg# :80/84) in its datasheet. Note that the dimensions in Figure 94 (for the 88-lead LFCSP) are shown in millimeters…

  • BF504F bootloader

    Hi, all.

    I want to create bootloader which can update software with RS232 in Blackfin BF504F.

    My idea to create next Flash layout:

    0x0000 ... 0xFFFF - Bootloader code (first 64K)

    0x10000 ... 0xF0000 - Main application code (~960K)

    Other - reserved…

  • Power Dissipation BF504F


    I'm developing new electronics with a Blackfin BF504F. This electronic will be used in an environment which has about 70°C. I'm trying to find out the power dissipation for the BF504F but can't find a table like in the BF533 datasheet (Table 14…



    In my application i have connected two IO expanders TCA6416A (I2C to Parallel bus), One is connected to a 20x4 LCD display data lines, other to Indication LEDs... I am trying to communicate with the devices with the enclosed code.. I am not sure…

  • BF504F SPI slave loading.

    Hello. I have a problem with SPI slave loading.

    I load the program into the BF504F via the SPI slave and don't use built-in flash memory. If the processor never connects to JTAG (via ICE-1000), then the program does not work correctly after loading.…

  • BF504F bfrom_MemBoot cannot work

    Hi, All,

    I have a problem of bfrom_MemBoot in BF504F:

    My application need to boot another executable program which has been programmed in FLASH, the boot application is simplified as:

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])