• ADSP-21584 core hang

    We run the program of SPI slave on adsp-21584 core1, and AM3359 as a SPI master communicates with ADSP-21584 every 1ms。An exception occurs after several days,In this case, after connecting with jtag, we found that core1 was hung, but core2 was normal。What…

  • LDF problem on adsp-21584


    I'm new to the LDF format for ADSP-21584.

    I have an object "DataGlobal" that compiles without problems.

    I would like to load this object in a shared memory block accessible from SHARC1 and SHARC2.

    I've tried to create a SHARED_MEMORY…

  • ADSP-21584 SPORT Tx/Rx OverFlow & UnderFlow

    Hi Dear ANALOG engineer:

      I have some problems when I use SPORT in ADSP-21584, I configured SPORT as TDM8 in DMA Mode, the bitclock is 12.288MHz, Fs is 48KHz. But the Tx or Rx OverFlow/UnderFlow Error occurs in several minutes. I called adi_sport_SubmitBuffer…

  • Can a library built for ADSP-SC584 be used to link an application for ADSP-21584?


    Can a library built for ADSP-SC584 be used to link an application for ADSP-21584? (The library performs various computations. It does not interact with any peripherals etc.)



  • How can I boot an ADSP-21584 based SHARC application on an ADSP-SC584 part?

    Since the ADSP-SC584 part expects ARM to boot up first, we may still need to use an ADSP-SC584 dummy ARM core project to generate the loader file. The dummy ARM project is required to bring the SHARC cores out of reset during booting. The code runs…

  • Late frame sync loopback SPORT (ADSP-21584)


    We are using the DAI SPORT on the ADSP-21584 to connect to some temperature sensors (ADS1120IPWR). We noticed when using late frame sync we weren't reading back any information (with early frame sync we were getting back something). We set up…

  • ADSP-21584 L3 Cache


    when I loopback audio by SPORT TDM8 in DMA mode,I have place all audio buffer in L3, and DSP-CORE0 copy(memcpy) the rx audio to a temp buffer then copy the temp buffer to tx audio buffer. I found that the audio sounds normal both using cache mange…

  • [Ask] ADSP-21479 & ADSP-21584 OrCAD Symbol (Library)


    Do you have ADSP-21479 & ADSP-21584 OrCAD symbol?

    If not, could you help export EZ-kit's file then it can be imported to OrCAD.

    My customer uses OrCAD and need the symbol library.

    Thank you,


  • Using ADSP-21584 without DDR

    Hi ADI Expert,

    Might I use ADSP-21584 without external DDR? 

    If I don't use External DDR, do I still need to provide Vdd_dmc power to DSP? 



  • SS4S support for ADSP-21584

    Hi Sanjeeva or other SS4S support team,

        Can someone tell me whether SS4S supports ADSP-21584 and/or other xx58x derivatives?  If not, is there a planned timeline for it?

    Thank you,