To write SPI flash memory with CLDP.EXE, I need to install drivers for each device.

    I am looking for a driver for ADSP-21584.
    Please let me know where to find it.
    If you can divert it for other devices, that is still fine.
    Perhaps it does not exist and I…

  • RE: Verify ADSP -21584 / SC584 Clock rate


    As per the datasheet, ADSP-21584BBCZ-4A supports maximum Processor Instruction Rate of 450MHz at –40°C to +85°C . We cannot guarantee the proper operation of the devices if the specification not followed. So, we would suggest you to follow the specifications…

  • About adsp-21584 sport dma data memory

    Hi , 

    I am testing the audio port SPORT of ADSP21584 on my board. I use sport0A as receiver, enable DMA0, TDM16 channel.
    When I finish configuring DMA, enable DMA. The DMA0_ADDRSTART register address will automatically change.

    I submitted the same question…

  • I need help about adsp-21584 spi2.


    I had trouble on using SPI2 DMA27 .  The SPI2 is slave configure connect with Ti AM3358. 

    I configure the SPI2 working well no DMA .

    But I enable DMA27 for receiving, the pREG_DMA27_ADDRSTART register is not  the address I wrote.

    My buffer address…

  • RE: ADSP-21584 failed to reprogram: failed to set expression, $RCU0_MSG, with the value, 1572864

    Thank you Jordan. To add to the discussion (which I will mark as an answer) we went ahead and grounded all of the Boot Mode pins which put the bootloader in an "idle" state. From there we were able to debug and load through the JTAG as usual, overwriting…

  • RE: ADSP-21584 L3 Cache


    Sorry for the long delay in response.

    Were you able to get going. Let us know if you are still facing any issues.

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • RE: Using ADSP-21584 without DDR

    Hello Jithul,

    I am designing an ADSP-21569 in BGA housing w/o DDR memory.

    So I do not need to contact any DMC relevant ball (Vdmc, adress, data) on the processor ?

    Do i need to configure cfg or ctl registers of DMC anyway ?




  • RE: Bounary Scan with ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-21584

    Hi EZAdmin,

    Can I get the updated datasheet? I would like to know if this issue has been resolved in any other revision of the device/die(ADSP-SC587BBCZ-5).

    -- BSDL File
    -- File Name: ADSP-2158x_ADSP-SC58x_529CSPBGA.bsdl
    -- File Revision: 0.0
    -- Date Created…

  • RE: ADSP-21584 SPORT Tx/Rx OverFlow & UnderFlow


    Our sincere apologies. We had missed this thread while tracking ezone queries.

    To solve the Over Flow/Under Flow error you have to receive/transmit data continuously. For that you can submit two buffers to the drivers in a ping pong manner. And…

  • ADSP-21584 core hang

    We run the program of SPI slave on adsp-21584 core1, and AM3359 as a SPI master communicates with ADSP-21584 every 1ms。An exception occurs after several days,In this case, after connecting with jtag, we found that core1 was hung, but core2 was normal。What…