• About GriffinLite ADSP-21571 support for MOST without ARM core

    I am considering the product specification of GriffinLite ADSP-21571.

    Can GriffinLite ADSP-21571 without ARM core support MOST?

    Please let me know if you have usage instructions and reference documents.

  • RE: ADSP-21571 SPI Slave Boot problem

    Hi Andersson,

    I'm in the same situation as you are.  I'm trying to set up an ADSP-21571 to boot as SPI slave.  For the addresses of 0x2824xxxx I thinks its OK.  If you look at the ADSP-21571 data sheet there's a memory map diagram on p. 8.  The…

  • About JTG-TRST processing of ADSP-21571


    Please tell me about JTG-TRST processing of ADSP-21571.

    About R72 / R73 of JTG-TRST line of ADSP-SC573 EZ-KIT schematic diagram,

    The schematic diagram and board of the ADSP-SC573 EZ-KIT are in the following state,

    Please tell me which of the…

  • RE: Fail to use CCES_Runner.exe, Error: Cannot find valid DXE file


    I too tried and your program printed Hello World as expected.

    CCES_runner.exe --target "ChipFactory Simulator" --platform "ADSP-21571 Cycle-Accurate-Sim" --processor ADSP-21571 --core "0,C:\Users\username\Desktop\HelloWorld_Core1.dxe\HelloWorld_Core1…

  • ADSP-21571 Interface to FPGA

    Hello, I'm still using the TigerSharc ADSP-201 DSP and interface to an FPGA over the external Data/Address bus. The interfacing to FPGA was very easy and very powerful using the Pipeline protocol. I was looking at the latest Sharc processor and foudn…

  • Implementing GIGE UDP on ADSP-21571?

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any example code for the ADSP-21571 that implements GIGE using UDP packets?

    Do you need an real-time operating system?



  • About the C2_FLG2 signal of ADSP-21571


    I would like to use the C2_FLG2 signal of ADSP-21571 (LQFP176), but if I check the data sheet

    In Table 20, PC_15

    In Table 23, PC_10

    Which one is correct?

    Best regards.

  • ADSP-21571/ICE-2000: Not able to connect to target


    I'm trying to debug a custom board with two ADSP-21571 and one ADSP-21489.

    As I am focusing on debugging the 21571s I've marked the 21489 as "Unknown" in the Target Configurator (I'm new to CCES, but I get the feeling you cannot debug different…

  • RE: VDD_DMC power supply without DDR memory

    Where does it say it can be left unconnected? What document are you looking at (PDF name)?? I'm looking at ADSP-SC570-571-572-573-ADSP-21571-573.pdf and on page 55 of 142, there is a table 25 like you mentioned but VDD_DMC has no notes:

  • ADSP-21571: Linkport DMA bandwidth control or similar

    Hi all,

    I'm receiving 32-bit data over the Linkport. The Linkport FIFO is emptied by the Linkport DMA (DMA36 for ADSP-21571).

    Now, I need to briefly stop the DMA/Linkport. Is there an easy to do this? Using the DMA (or Linkport) enable bits (in corresponding…