• Use different RAM on ADSP-21569


    We are designing an audio system (firmware and board) that use ADSP-21569.

    The firmware is based on SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel4.5.0 Target demo for 21569.

    For hardware design I used ADZS-21569-EZ-KIT as a reference.
    This eval board use an 8Gb DDR3…

  • Power Supply PCB layout IC ADSP- 21569

    Actually I am simulating a PCB board for Power Integrity which has this IC I need to know the power consumption of this IC which is not available in datasheet 

    Can i also get power supply layout Guide for this IC ADSP- 21569

  • The condition of DAI_PBEN register (About ADSP-21569)


    Could you tell me the condition of DAI_PBEN register?

    Which is correct high or low when I want to set the terminal as Hi-z ( for use as input). 

    And coule you tell in which document described detail about this?

    (Sorry, I can't find it.)


  • Driver program of SPI Flash Programing for Winbond Flash, "W25Q80DV" when using ADSP-21569


    I'd like to prepare flash programing driver program for Winbond Flash, "W25Q80DV"..

    Could you tell me how prepare or what prepare for above purpose?

    I use "ADSP-21569".


    Masa Hibino

  • Microphone Input Using ADAU1977 With ADSP-21569-EZKIT

    Hi All,

    Can anyone refer me to an example of using the ADAu1977 for microphone input with the ADSP-21569-EZKIT? My team has successfully worked with audio coming from the RCA channels through the ADAU1979, however, we would live to get live microphone…

  • About SPI0 communication: when EMISO of SPI_CTL registers is disabled, does output terminal is set as "Hi-z"? (ADSP-21569)


    Could you tell me below,

    About SPI0 communication: when EMISO of SPI_CTL registers is disabled, does output terminal is set as "Hi-z"? 

    (DSP device is ADSP-21569)

    I would to avoid collision between multi slave SPI device MISO signals.

  • ADSP-21569 SPORT Core transfer


    Can anyone share with me a working example of using SPORT in core transfer mode?
    There are examples of using DMA everywhere, but I need to run SPORT in core transfer mode for ADSP21569.
    I will be very gratefull for any help!

    Best regards,
  • ADSP-21569


    My company develops audio mixer applications based on the SHARC ADSP-2148x DSP. We use visualDSP++ and USB-ICE/ICE1000 for its development. Recently we came to know about the new 1GHz ADSP-21569 DSP. We are considering the possibility of migrating…
  • ADSP-21569 configure SPI2 as SigmaStudio interface instead of SPI1


    We are developing a project with 21569 and we will use SigmaStudioForSHARC 4.5 Target as a firmware in order to use SigmaStudio as top level audio application.

    Actually we are using the eval board but we have developed a custom board with an MCU connected…

  • ADSP-21569 SigmaStudio and external memory usage for long delays


    I'm working on a new design and we need to implement a new external delay custom algorithm in SigmaStudioForSHARC Rel4.5 for ADSP-21569.

    Our goal is to create a delay block that allows up to 2-second delay at 96Khz and with the ability to instance…