• ADSP-21569 AEC tuning GUI


              For below demo, we can use ADSP-21569 pair with tuning GUI for AEC application. Why need a ADAU14xx board on below AEC demo with ADSP-21569 EVM? What is the function? 

              Do we have any user guide of tuning GUI to control ADSP-21569 EVM for…

  • FAQ: ADSP-21569 SPI Host example

    Attached is the ADSP-21569 SPI Host example and the connection diagram to boot the another DSP via SPI slave boot mode. This code is verified between two ADSP-21569 Ez-kits.

    Normally, all the slave booting process is done as, the Host Application would…

  • FAQ: Linkport core mode example for ADSP-21569

    Refer the attached Linkport core mode read and write example code for ADSP-21569 processor.

    This code can be directly run between two ADSP-21569 Ezkit.


  • RE: calloc issue in ADSP-21569

    Hello Rakshith,

    Apologies for delay in response.

    Could you please share us the below details, which will be helpful for us to assist you further:

    1.Please let us know whether you are facing issue while debugging or your issue happens in booting time.

  • ADSP-21569 Demo uC Project


    I am using the Demo uC Project for SHARC ADSP-21569 on the ADZS-21569 EZ-Kit Evaluation Board and currently I have three questions:

    1. Is there any possibility to increase the memory that can be used for sigma studio schematics exports? The framework…
  • /SYS_FAULT is always asserted when power up the system using ADSP-21569


    /SYS_FAULT is always asserted when power up (= /HWRST is negated ) the system using ADSP-21569.

    What cause is considered about above situation?

    The period of above /SYS_FAULT asserted is about 200ms.

  • calloc issue in ADSP-21569


    When I use  load data from flash and then use "calloc" it works okay. But when I use "calloc" and then load data from flash the next calloc after this doesn't work
    eg; A) load  --> calloc(1) --> calloc(2) --->calloc (3)--…
  • SRU configure for ADSP-21569


         I have a problem about configure SRU for ADSP-21569

    due to project designed DAI0_PIN01 - DAI0_PIN09 is I2S input, and DAI1_PIN01 - DAI1_PIN10 is I2S output

    like as photo

    I had refer EZ-KIT reference sample code of Audio_Passthrough_I2S_21569, but…

  • ADSP-21569 API Documentation

    I would like to use the provided hardware drivers for the ADSP21569. For example: In the provided examples the functions defined in "adi_sport_2156x.h" are usedto set up serial comunication such as TDM. I would like to do so aswell.

  • [FAQ] : Single interrupt block for both rising and falling edges in ADSP-21569

    Single interrupt block for both rising and falling edges in ADSP-21569

    The attached example is used to configure interrupt block1 raises the interrupt for both falling and raising edges of the push button connected in portC.