• Questions on ADSP-21489


    I am trying to port some speech processing algorithms on  ADSP-21489, have below questions. Using ADSP-21489 EZ-Board for testing purpose.

    1. Does  ADSP-21489 has data cache? when I tried to read/write from external memory, it takes 30 odd cycles whereas the…
  • RE: When ADSP-21489 is doing FFT, can it take any number of points?

    Note: the accel_cfft function mentioned here is not supported on the ADSP-21489. It requires the fft hardware accelerator found on the SHARC+ platform (ADSP-2158x / ADSP-SC58X).

  • ADSP-21489 display

    I would like to know if a dsp chip like the ADSP-21489 can be connected directly to a touch screen display, encoders and buttons or it is necessary a second microprocessor for these functions ?

  • ADSP-21489

    Is it somehow possible to connect push buttons for ADSP-21489?

  • ADSP-21489 Watchdog Timer with external oscillator WDTRSTO# is always LOW

    Hello, in our custom board with ADSP-21489 DSP after power up WDTRSTO# pin output is always LOW (asserted).

    I disconnect the pin from the rest of the circuit (by removing R6) so the pin is floating and I am expecting a HIGH level as soon as the DSP power…

  • FAQ: ADSP-21489 SPI Example code

    Attached is the SPI example code for ADSP-21489 processor. This code is built on CCES. It does a simple master transmit and slave receive using DMA.

    Please make external connections as given below.

    SPI_CLK(DPI_PB01)    -  SPIB_CLK(DPI_PB04)

  • Uart0 Can't send any character on ADSP-21489 EZ-board


       We have a issus about Uart0 on ADSP-21489 EZ-board.

       /*Uart init code*/ 

    void initUART(void)


    /* Sets the Baud rate for UART0 */

    *pUART0LCR = UARTDLAB;  //enables access to Divisor register to set bauda rate

    *pUART0DLL = 0x8B;      //0x28b = 651 for…

  • FAQ: ADSP-21489 PCG example code

    Attached is the PCG example code for ADSP-21489. This code is configured to synchronize the "rising edge of frame sync" with "falling edge of BCLK". Please find the attached images for reference.

    One method is to use the FSxPHASE_HI…

  • Example code for TDM SPORT - ADSP-21489


    I am using ADSP-21489 and I would like to read an example of SPORT TDM for educational purposes. 

    Please suggest where it can be found ?

    Kind regards

  • Debug Controls Unavailable (Greyed Out) When Running Debug - CCES 2.10.0, ADSP-21489, ICE-1000

    Hi, I am attempting to run the debug configuration for a CCES project for custom ADSP-21489 processor hardware. When I run debug I am getting some weird behavior where CCES says my application has been loaded, but I am not taken to the breakpoint at the…