• FAQ: ADSP-21489 SPI Example code

    Attached is the SPI example code for ADSP-21489 processor. This code is built on CCES. It does a simple master transmit and slave receive using DMA.

    Please make external connections as given below.

    SPI_CLK(DPI_PB01)    -  SPIB_CLK(DPI_PB04)

  • ADSP-21489 conflicting JTAG information?


    I have a custom ADSP21489 board that I am using with the ICE-2000.  I am looking for some guidance as there appears to be conflicting information between EE-68, the ICE 2000 manual, the ADSP-21489 datasheet and the schematics to the ADSP-21489 Ez-Board…

  • ADSP-21489

    I have a system where ADSP-21489 is dealing with 3 clock domains, Input Clock, Local Clock and Output clock. Data Rate match them through using internal Block RAM/ROM to overcome clock differences because of ppm. So SPDIF Input @ CLK1 is first stored…

  • ADSP-21489

    Is it somehow possible to connect push buttons for ADSP-21489?

  • ADSP- 21489 DMA


    Does anyone know if Internal memory to External memory (or viceversa) DMA is supported in the ADSP-21489 ?

    I tried Internal to External and External to Internal DMA and it did not seem to work. Has anyone else tried this ?

    For reference, on the…

  • about the SPORTs of ADSP-21489

    hello, everybody.

    I have a question about the about the SPORTs of ADSP-21489.

    i read the datasheet of ADSP-21489, and it discribe that ADSP-21489 have eight SPORTs, but it can only trimmit or receive 16 channel audio data.

    look this:


    for my understand…

  • ADSP-21489 EZ-Board


    I'm trying to connect to my SHARC ADSP-21489 EZ-Board.

    I'm using a USB cable connected to the small debug board which is located on the back side of the board.

    Window new hardware wizard comes up, but I don't seem to find the appropriate…

  • ADSP-21489 with AD5724 DAC


    I want to interface 12 bit Dac AD5724 with ADSP 21489 using SPI .

    Please guide me.if any one has Example please provide.

  • ADSP-21489 SDRAM setup


    I'm having problems interfacing my ADSP-21489 with SDRAM MT48LC16M16A2-7E, in my custom board. I have been reading EE-286 and configured the Sharc registers, but i can't write or read correct words from SDRAM. I verified the connections between…

  • sigmaStudio or ADSP-21489


         About the USBI,ADI official provide SigmaStudio for SHARC demo, in board through the SPI interface(FLAG-->DP4,SPICLK-->DP3, MISO-->DP2, MOSI-->DP1) to the USBI, has run through.

         And our BOARD uses the SPI interface is the actual (FLAG…