• ADSP-21489 conflicting JTAG information?


    I have a custom ADSP21489 board that I am using with the ICE-2000.  I am looking for some guidance as there appears to be conflicting information between EE-68, the ICE 2000 manual, the ADSP-21489 datasheet and the schematics to the ADSP-21489 Ez-Board…

  • ADSP-21489

    I have a system where ADSP-21489 is dealing with 3 clock domains, Input Clock, Local Clock and Output clock. Data Rate match them through using internal Block RAM/ROM to overcome clock differences because of ppm. So SPDIF Input @ CLK1 is first stored…

  • ADSP- 21489 DMA


    Does anyone know if Internal memory to External memory (or viceversa) DMA is supported in the ADSP-21489 ?

    I tried Internal to External and External to Internal DMA and it did not seem to work. Has anyone else tried this ?

    For reference, on the…

  • about the SPORTs of ADSP-21489

    hello, everybody.

    I have a question about the about the SPORTs of ADSP-21489.

    i read the datasheet of ADSP-21489, and it discribe that ADSP-21489 have eight SPORTs, but it can only trimmit or receive 16 channel audio data.

    look this:


    for my understand…

  • ADSP-21489 with AD5724 DAC


    I want to interface 12 bit Dac AD5724 with ADSP 21489 using SPI .

    Please guide me.if any one has Example please provide.

  • ADSP-21489 EZ-Board


    I'm trying to connect to my SHARC ADSP-21489 EZ-Board.

    I'm using a USB cable connected to the small debug board which is located on the back side of the board.

    Window new hardware wizard comes up, but I don't seem to find the appropriate…

  • ADSP-21489 SDRAM setup


    I'm having problems interfacing my ADSP-21489 with SDRAM MT48LC16M16A2-7E, in my custom board. I have been reading EE-286 and configured the Sharc registers, but i can't write or read correct words from SDRAM. I verified the connections between…

  • sigmaStudio or ADSP-21489


         About the USBI,ADI official provide SigmaStudio for SHARC demo, in board through the SPI interface(FLAG-->DP4,SPICLK-->DP3, MISO-->DP2, MOSI-->DP1) to the USBI, has run through.

         And our BOARD uses the SPI interface is the actual (FLAG…

  • ADSP-21489 working under TDM mode

    Dear Specialist,

            Now we are evaluating ADSP-21489+AD1939 solution based on the EVB board, we want to learn,

    can AD1939 get 8k sample rate if  if use DSP internal PCG and SRC woking with  TDM mode? Sorry we fail to find answer in the datasheet.

  • SW9 button en ADSP-21489 EZ-Kit


    I'm trying to make the SW9 button work on the ADSP-21489 EZ-Kit.

    I took an example code : C:\Program Files (x86)\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.1.2\214xx\Examples\ADSP-21489 EZ-Board\Talkthrough_IIR_Accelerator

    and add a little change :