• JTAG for ADSP-21488

    Hello, i want to start to use DSP in my projects, because simple ARM Cortex M4 with FPU is just to weak for me
    so i buyed ADSP-21488 DSP.
    My first job would be connect it to ADC and DAC via parallel port, and so simple DFT stuff with it. I need 2*16b bus…

  • Bootloader Project for ADSP-21488


    We're using ADSP-21488 in one of our products. We wanted this processor to boot from the Flash. In our prototype board we connected the SPI lines as follows:

    DPI_P01 -> SPI0_MISO

    DPI_P02 -> SPI0_CLK

    DPI_P03 -> SPI0_MOSI

    We made sure…

  • ADSP-21488 interface TWI/I2C


    I'm trying to interface my ADSP-21488 with a DAC chip via the Two-Wire Interface (I2C). I wanted to start easy and use the master mode transmit for writing certain registers in the DAC, which means addressing the chip correctly (with TWIM…

  • RE: Simple program to test ADSP-21488

    i forgot to mark this as answered.
    Since i made pcb for adsp-21488 and flash programmer by using stm32f415 and Labview, i had many problems to troubleshot, but now it in working order (simple flash programmer, no fancy debugging because it will be to hard…

  • FIR Accelerator consuming core cycles in ADSP-21488


    Although I cannot find any documented reference to it, I am finding that the FIR Accelerator is consuming some core cycles. It's not much, but enough to prevent some demanding audio processing from completing on time.

    I have a project which…

  • Masking the SPORT2 interrupt on ADSP-21488 doesn't prevent the interrupt from being serviced

    Hi Folks

    On ADSP-21488, masking the SPORT2 interrupt by using asm("bit clr IMASK P7I;"); doesn't seem to prevent the interrupt from being serviced.

    Also, if I single step while watching the value of IMASK in a register window in VDSP, I…

  • 从BF537更换成ADSP-21488,遇到不支持8bit访问的问题


    1, BF537支持8位访问,按字节寻址

    2, ADSP-21488不支持8位访问,按字寻址,导致u8/u16都将按u32处理,且指向u8/u16的指针加1的操作也将不同;



  • How to use sdram on sharc 21488.

    Because I have a large buffer need to put in sdram, so I have to open the macro define 'USE_SDRAM' in ADSP-21488.LDF file.

    However when I test the sdram memory, I cann't write correctly.

    The initPLL_SDRAM function is a copy of  demo program…

  • 21488 Crash Issue

    Dear all,

    I have a problem that 21488DSP crashs after it runs sometime. Please see attached picture - crash.jpg which shows a illegal PC value in PC stack.

    In the picture, AEC_DSP3/4/5/6 runs the same code, AEC_DSP3 has crashed, and AEC_DSP4/5/6 keep…

  • 21488 ASRC noob help

    I'm new to Sharc DSPs and specifically the 21488 hardware sample rate converter modules.  The audio output of the SRC is noisy.  When I mute the input source, I have hiss instead of silence.  Looking on a scope, with the input muted, I see the 2-3 LSBs…