• ADSP-21573/ADSP-SC573 and external SRAM

    Good day! I have simple question about ADSP-21573/ADSP-SC573. Can external memory controller of ADSP-21573 and ADSP-SC573 work with external SRAM? There is some SMC - this is what we need or it's for something else? We need an analog of AMI from 489 family…

  • ADSP-BF518F16与ADSP-BF518区别?

    在BF518BF16页面下找到的硬件参考手册当中,封面上写的是Includes ADSP-BF512, ADSP-BF514,ADSP-BF516, DSP-BF518,没有包含518F16 ,也没有勘误表



  • ADSP-SC5xx/ADSP-215xx - DDR memory Test

    Attached memory test can be used to test DDR memory (or any other memory type or memory mapped peripheral) on ADSP-2156x processor. The test is performed for different types of accesses (e.g., core, DMA, 8-/16-/32-/64-bit) and different data patterns…

  • ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x Linkport Example code


          Please see the attached example code which allows the link port to be tested on the ADSP-SC589 EZ-KIT. The setup requires the ADSP-SC589 EZ-KIT and the EI3 Probing adapter.

    The attached code configures the link ports in DMA stop mode and transfers…

  • New ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x SHARC Processor Announced!!

    ADI announced today its next generation floating-point SHARC processor, the first dual-core floating-point processor in the portfolio, featuring two improved SHARC+ cores (ADSP-2158x series) and an optional ARM Cortex-A5 core (ADSP-SC58x series). For…

  • Sport issue Between ADSP-SC587 and ADSP-BF561


    ADSP-SC587 interfaced with ADSP-BF561 through SPORT in our custom board, issue is when we set clock frequency 1 MHz communication between the processor is fine. But when we increase  the clock frequency, clock is getting deteriorated. Our requirement…

  • [Ask] ADSP-21479 & ADSP-21584 OrCAD Symbol (Library)


    Do you have ADSP-21479 & ADSP-21584 OrCAD symbol?

    If not, could you help export EZ-kit's file then it can be imported to OrCAD.

    My customer uses OrCAD and need the symbol library.

    Thank you,


  • RE: ADSP-21469 vs ADSP-2158x FFT Accelerator

    Hi Mussab,

    The code I used was the same which comes along with the ADSP-SC5XX Board Support Package available at the link below:

    ADZS-SC589-EZLITE Evaluation Board | Analog Devices 

    at the path:


  • Bounary Scan with ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-21584

    1. #boundary scan jtag_scan_failed

    Anyone having luck getting the ADSP-SC58x or ADSP-2158x series processors to work in boundary scan? JTAG Technologies "JTAG Live" device seems to read SC587 and 21584 chip ID's OK, but cannot read from boundary…

  • What are the major changes in the programming model of the FIR accelerator on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x as compared to ADSP-214xx processors?

    • Unlike in ADSP-214xx, you don't need to enable the FIR accelerator in PMCTL1 register explicitly in ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x.
    • Unlike as in ADSP-214xx, the byte address of the input/output/coefficient buffers should be converted in to word…