• RE: Example ASRC project for ADSP-21479 in CrossCore

    Hi Anand, 

    Thanks for your reply, the asynchronous sample rate converter example is not available in the ADSP-21479 board support package. 

    I downloaded the example as part of the ASCR SHARC software module:


  • Debugging SigmaStudio for SHARC application on ADSP-21479 EZ-BORAD


    I have the ADSP-21479 EZ-BOARD and I am having issues with downloading SigmaStudio project

    I am booting from parallel flash (SW4 set to position 2). but I also trying loading the LDR via SPI slave boot with same result.  

    I get the following LED…

  • RE: How to Portable Code from SC-589 (Bare Metal Framework) to ADSP-21479?


    You can get the bare metal framework from the ADSP-21479 (Board support package). Please click on the below link to download BSP for ADSP-21479.  

    After installing the BSP, you would get the example…

  • ADSP-21479 TDM8通道上电同步问题?

    系统框架是:ADSP-21479 + ADAU1466 + MIC_ADC + AMP



    2、21479配置DAI SRU直接将1466过来的BCLK、FSYNC引脚信号内部分别路由到 ADC和AMP芯片对应的BCLK、FSYNC引脚上。




  • How to Configure S/PDIF Receiver Device Register Errors - ADSP-21479 EZ-Kit Lite


    I am using the ADSP-21479 EZ-Kit and tinkering with the example code for SPDIF to Analog talk through with SRC. 

    I am trying to program a "No Stream Error" to occur whenever the audio stream is disconnected from the S/PDIF receiver. 


  • RE: SHARC adsp-21479 SPI slave boosting

    Hi Lee,

    Apologies for the delay.

    Please find the attached SPI slave booting code for ADSP-21479 processor. This code can be tested across two ADSP-21479 EZ-Kits, where one can be configured as host processor that sends the loader file and other can be act…

  • RE: ADSP-21479 Software reset

    How do you solve this problem? can you share your code to me? I am meeting the same problem too now. very thanks.

  • RE: How boot from serial flash in adsp-21479 ez-board


    Apologies for the delayed response.

    Were you able to get going. Let us know if you are still facing any issues.

    Can you please get back to us on the below points? it will help us to assist you better on this.

    1) Can you please explain how you are generating…

  • Simulating ADSP-21479

    I am trying to simulate an app on the ADSP-21479.

    I don't need any real-time I/O so simulation is fine.

    I have tried both CCES_runner and chipfactory.

    Here are the outputs :

    CCES_runner.exe --target "ChipFactory Simulator" --processor ADSP-21479 -…

  • The Square wave generator slope - ADSP 21479

    Dear support,

    I have assembled the simple circuit in the SigmaStudio for SHARC, where I've used the Square wave module with a frequency of 50 Hz:

    I've sent a signal to the S/PDIF or analog pins and see the slopes:

    As I understand, the board does not…