• PLL issues with ADSP-21479 EZ-Board

    Hey there,

    we got an ADSP-21479 EZ-Board. As we want to do some profiling/benchmarking, we want to make sure that the processor is running it a relatively high clock frequency.

    The debug output of the bootloader located in NAND flash is:

    *** 21479…

  • ADSP-21479 (Or VDSP 5) floating point funny error

    Hi guys,

    Just encountered a floating point accuracy issue. Anyone here knows why? Thanks a lot..,

    I wrote a simple code using VDSP5 (newest update) and ran on ADSP-21479:

    float x, y, z;

  • Problems with SPI slave boot on ADSP-21479

    Hi all,

    I am having trouble booting my ADSP-21479 processor with a Microchip PIC using SPI slave boot with the following parameters:

    CPU Freq:  128 MHz (16MHz osc + BMODE = 00, CLK_CFG = 00)

    SPI Freq:  156.25 KHz

    SPI Mode: CLKPL=1, CPHASE=1

    The program…

  • ADSP-21479-EZBRD does not boot in "Digital-In" mode

    Software :
    SigmaStudio 3.9

    SigmaStudio for SHARC 2.1.0

    Crosscore Embedded Studio 1.0.3

    Hardware :

    ADSP-21479-EZBRD evaluation board (Rev 1.0)

    ADZS-USBI2EZB converter

    I have been running the default example schematics application as-is, using the…

  • Simulating ADSP-21479

    I am trying to simulate an app on the ADSP-21479.

    I don't need any real-time I/O so simulation is fine.

    I have tried both CCES_runner and chipfactory.

    Here are the outputs :

    CCES_runner.exe --target "ChipFactory Simulator" --processor ADSP-21479 -…

  • [Ask] ADSP-21479 & ADSP-21584 OrCAD Symbol (Library)


    Do you have ADSP-21479 & ADSP-21584 OrCAD symbol?

    If not, could you help export EZ-kit's file then it can be imported to OrCAD.

    My customer uses OrCAD and need the symbol library.

    Thank you,


  • Debugging SigmaStudio for SHARC application on ADSP-21479 EZ-BORAD


    I have the ADSP-21479 EZ-BOARD and I am having issues with downloading SigmaStudio project

    I am booting from parallel flash (SW4 set to position 2). but I also trying loading the LDR via SPI slave boot with same result.  

    I get the following LED…

  • ADSP-21479 UART中断方式发送数据问题

    使用ADSP-21479 UART发送数据时,遇到一问题,看了好久也没能解决,希望大侠能帮忙看一下。

    1、IDE: CrossCore Embedded Studio 1.1.0







  • VisualDSP++ 5.0 ADSP-21479 and ADSP-21489 EZ-Boards

    To support the new ADSP-21479 and ADSP-21489 EZ-Boards, we have just released VisualDSP++ 5.0 ADSP-21479 and ADSP-21489 EZ-Boards.  This release is based on VisualDSP++ 5.0 Update 7.  It includes support for the ADSP-2147x and ADSP-2148x processor series…

  • ADSP-21479 SPI 主模式的接收與發送

    請問使用ADSP-21479 的SPI,主模式的接收與發送該如何控制? "interrupt(,);" 如何使用?

    我有找到一些參考程式,測試硬體使用 ADSP-21479 + MCP3008 的 ADC。



    2.SPI無法持續動作,參考程式裡有用 "interrupt(SIG_P1, Master_Receive_ISR);",還有 "Enable_interrupt();",不太了解這個程式碼…