• ADSP-21479 Flash and ROM Questions


    I have a several questions regarding to ADSP-21479 SHARC Processor.

    1. Would ADSP-21479 working frequency be limited if commands have executed from built-in flash?

    2. If executing code has stored in external ROM, would be possible to save the code…

  • ADSP-21479 be a SPI slave device


              I'm useing the ADSP-21479 EZ-Board. I need use the other micro to control the ADSP-21479.

              I want the  ADSP-21479 be a SPI slave device. I don,t know how to start!

              I need C example code and test code to study !


                I am a novice !! thanks…

  • Second stage boot loader example for ADSP-21479

    I need to set up a Second stage boot loader for the ADSP-21479 have seen the EE-345 but cannot get it to work with my ADSP-21479....
    Are there any working samples with the ADSP-21479 ezkit?

  • ADSP-21479 PCG CLK inversion

    The ADSP-21479 Processor Hardware Reference Manual Figure 15-1 "PCG Block Diagram" on page 15-6 shows that the PCG CLK can be inverted (see attached), but I can’t seem to find how to do that described anywhere in the manual. I don't even understand…

  • Question about ADSP-21479 ROM


    I am planning on using the ADSP-21479 for digital filtering and have a large number of filter coefficients that I will need to store. I am trying to determine if I would be able to store them in Block 0 or Block 1 ROM. I've checked the datasheet…

  • ADSP-21479 - External RAM based Delay

    H at all,

      I've recently purchased an ADSP-21479 EZLite eval board and I'm experimenting some simple algorithms.

    My application requires a very long multichannel audio delay (at least 1 second per 8 channel) ad 96Khz.

    The required amount of…

  • ADSP-21479 and SDRAM MT48LC8M16A2

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to interface a MT48LC8M16A2 (128Mbit) part to an ADSP-21479 which is different to the part found on the EZ kit. 

    I have made the required changes to the SDCTL (SDRAW12 and SDCAW9) and reflected them in a custom register resets file…

  • ADSP-CM403BSWZ-CF和SHARC  DSP 比如ADSP-21479 性能对比

    1. 如题,ADSP-CM403BSWZ-CF(240Mhz)和SHARC  DSP 比如ADSP-21479 (300Mhz)综合到底谁强?如果只比浮点DSP性能(速度)呢?比如FIR,DFFT,IFFT.

    2. 如果仅考虑32BIT的定点DSP运算,比如FIR,DFFT,IFFT等,ADSP-CM403BSWZ-CF(240Mhz)和ADSP BF518(400Mhz)相比到底谁速度快?

    3. 以上有无3方实验室测分报告?



  • 34.5us 1024 Point Complex FFT for the ADSP-21479


    Question from customer: How to reach performance of 34.5us for 1024 Point Complex FFT using the ADSP-21479? Is there any code example or library available?

    Customer's calculations (based on ADSP-214xx_HRM_rev0.3) shows that 39168 cycles (294…

  • ADSP-21479 fails to boot from spi flash

    Hi all,
    I design a board with ADSP-21479 LQFP100 (silicon 0.2). Three M25P16 flash chips are connected to the DSP using default SRU2 routing, with SPI_FLG0-2 as chip select signals, respectively. The one with SPI_FLG 0 is used as booting…