• Difference between ADSP-21469 EZ BRD and ADSP-21469 EZ LITE


                  I bought   ADSP-21469 EZ BRD evaluation kit.I need one board of same kind.Due to unavailability of that board i found another kit ADSP-21469 EZ LITE which looks like same as EZ BRD.Can i know what exactly the differences between ADSP-21469 EZ…

  • RE: Porting ADSP-21469 BSP Project to 21489


    The ADSP-21469 and ADSP-21489 are from same ADSP-214xx  family and it is code compatible. You can port the same code available in ADSP-21469 BSP to work in ADSP-21489 with minor effort. The ADSP-21469 supports DDR2 where as ADSP-21489 supports…

  • RE: TWI/I2C 21369 c code example


           You may create a new assembly project for ADSP-21469 processors and try using the .asm files with this one.  You can change the header file reference to ADSP-21469 processor and add a new assembly LDF for this project. With these steps the code should…

  • On-chip ROM,UC/OS-iii


    Can you please clarify the doubts related to ADSP-21469 EZ BRD

    1.   What are the settings required ,so that i can generate the executable then load on On-Chip ROM(4Mbit) of                      ADSP-  21469 EZ BOARD

    2.   Can I run my Application by writing into…

  • RE: Where the code stores?

    Hi Jithul,

    Can you please clarify some doubts which are mentioned below

    1.   What are the settings required ,so that i can generate the executable then load on On-Chip ROM(4Mbit) of                 ADSP-  21469 EZ BOARD

    2.  Can I run my Application by writing into…

  • RE: Hardware manual for 21469 ??

    Hi Bart,

         The datasheet for the ADSP-21469 has all these information. Please see the link below:


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  • RE: USB daughter board support on 21469??

    Hi Kishore,



    The USB-EZ extender you refer to does not (and will not) support the ADSP-21469 EZ-Board / EZ-KIT evaluation system. The reason being that the new ADSP-21469 EZ-Board / EZ-KIT (same applies for the ADSP-BF526 and ADSP-BF518 evaluation…

  • RE: Halt and restart SPORT during sample rate change

    Hi Harshit,

    Thanks for the help. Apart from the above case, I am facing another issue on my custom Hardware based on ADSP-21479 DSP. In my system, Host controls the DSP, like it restart DSP whenever required. During restart there is a glitch on DAI pins…

  • RE: Are 21469 & 21489 largely code-compatible?

    Yes, the ADSP-21469 is code compatible with ADSP-21489 processor.

  • RE: VDSP --> CCES Linker error


    All the CCES based Talkthru example for ADSP-21469 is available in the ADSP-21469 Board Support Package - Download Software (Rev. 1.0.0)

    Once you downloaded and installed the BSP, you would find the examples in the below path,