• ADSP-21469 connect issue

    Test Report for ADSP-21469 connect Issue

    1. Background:

    Now I am designing ADSP-21469 for one applications.  I have ever tested ADSP-21469 engineer  sample in target board . Recently I got 5pcs ADSP-21469 samples .  But I  found the new silicon ADSP-21469…

  • Difference between ADSP-21469 EZ BRD and ADSP-21469 EZ LITE


                  I bought   ADSP-21469 EZ BRD evaluation kit.I need one board of same kind.Due to unavailability of that board i found another kit ADSP-21469 EZ LITE which looks like same as EZ BRD.Can i know what exactly the differences between ADSP-21469 EZ…

  • Instruction to boot ADSP-21469 EZ-BoardTM


    We are using the ADSP-21469 EZ-Board. It is configured to use SPI Slave boot mode, the host side of which I'm debugging now.


    Is there an C/C++ and/or Assembler instruction that I can make the ADSP-21469 execute, that brings the cpu…

  • ADSP-21469 SIMD Mode

    Hi there!!!

    I'm discovering the capabilities of the ADSP-21469. Going through all the datasheet and documentation I saw an incredible feature, the SIMD mode. Considering that the DSP has two computational units I would really like to discover how to…

  • adsp-21469 demo 汇编


        我使用的是adsp-21469 EZ-LITE, 在demo工程AD1939_I2S_Sampled_Based_Talkthru 中,SPORT1_ISR_process_samples_.asm文件下,有如下指令:

    r0 = dm(_rx1a_buf + Internal_ADC_L1);
    f0 = float r0 by r1;
  • PEEK/POKE operations on ADSP-21469


    Does anyone know if it's possible to perform basic PEEK and POKE operations on the this model DSP? We have the ADSP-21469, but it's on a custom board and cannot be reprogrammed with debug symbols (we do have JTAG access). However, we have specific…

  • Using the SRU Configuration Tool with ADSP-21469

    Can the SRU configuration tool be used with the ADSP-21469? I'm on an evaluation license right now, and when I create a new project for this processor, the SRU Configuration Add-in isn't available to include - is this because of the license? Is it just…

  • Ping-Pong DMA on ADSP-21469 SPORTs


    I've just starting with the ADSP-21469 SHARC.

    Tell me if I'm wrong but it seems that it is not possible to set the SPORT or Link Port DMA to operate in Ping-Pong mode?

    Only for IDP and MLB I found such a functionality.

    My system will be…

  • ADSP-21469 EZ-BOARD 连不上目标板

    硬件“ADSP-21469 EZ-BOARD 0.2 BOM REV 2.1”使用CCES2.3,按照“ADSP-21469_ezboard_man_rev.1.1”这个文档以及官方视频介绍的方法连接目标板始终不成功。

    有个疑问,板子上主芯片实际型号是ADSP-21467,而文档里要求处理其型号选择ADSP-21469,而且只有选择了ADSP-21469,下一步连接类型才有EZ-KIT Lite选项,而选择ADSP-21467下一步连接类型无法选择EZ-KIT Lite。


  • IDE connection between MATLAB and SHARC ADSP-21469

    I want to simulate my Simulink project on ADSP-21469 EZ-Lite evaluation board. I have KIT-*** license and connect to board with Debug agent. I know that this processor is not supported by MATLAB, but I define it in the MATLAB Model Explorer -> Configuration…