• RE: How could I use sigmastudio for 21375?


    How was the ADSP-21375 application created? Did you create a new application or modified one of the existing applications?

    Please note that in addition to the code changes for ADSP-21375, you have to set the "Processor" in the "Processor Settings…

  • RE: Interrupt Vector Table Use?

    Hi Richard,

    Link to download CCES example codes(Board Support Package Software) for ADSP-21371processor is: http://www.analog.com/en/processors-dsp/sharc/ADSP-21375/products/21371-EZLITE/eb.html

    Link to download CCES example codes(Board Support Package…

  • RE: ADSP21371

    Hi Savina,

                 The ADSP-21375 EZ-KIT examples available under the following VisualDSP++ path is applicable for ADSP-21371 as well.

    C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\213xx\Examples\ADSP-21375 EZ-KIT Lite

    There is no separate example codes for…

  • 怎么生成LDR文件

    在使用ADSP-21375 EZKIT LITE开发板,我想使用sigmastudio这个软件,怎么生成21375的ldr文件?还有这个软件支持21375吗?

  • RE: SHARC 21489 docs

    Hi Tim,

    The 21489 supports 16 bit asynchronous memory. The interface is identical to the ADSP-21375 asynchronous interface. You could refer to the ADSP-21375 Hardware reference manual for this.

    Please let me know if you have any specifiec questions…

  • RE: Interfacing SDRAM to ADSP21371

    Savina you can find all the information about how to connect the SDRAM to the ADSP-2137x in:

    EE-286: Interfacing SDRAM Memory to ADSP-21368 and ADSP-2137x SHARC Processors

    There are also code examples for DMA and Core access, also for code execution…

  • Problem with printf() on ADSP-21375


    I am trying to test an audio application on the EZ-kit lite board.

    I am starting from the example "block based talkthru (c)" and I need to monitor the execution time in release mode.

    When I call the function printf(), I get this error…

  • ADSP-21375KSWZ-2B temperature testing issue


        My customer applied ADSP-21375KSWZ-2B for their product. During the system power-up and re-boot stage, MCU will config ADSP-21375 by SPI interface.

    There is a phenomenon about this problem:

    When the system is in normal working mode, the Customer…

  • RE: How can I use overlay when Mapping Bank 0 to SDRAM on my 21369board?

    Hi Xin,

    Please find the attached code, which performs overlay preloading written for ADSP-21375. Maybe you can use this as a reference to modify code for ADSP-21369 processor.

    Kindly let us know in case of any clarification.



  • RE: ADSP - 21375 External DMA Scatter/Gather Example


    Attached is a presentation that talks about Taplist DMA's(reads and writes) and the TCB structure associated with it. I donot have an example for 21375 but am attaching an examples for ADSP-21469  which uses the example in the attached presentation…