• RE: Supply on ADSP21371 EZ-KIT

    In order to find the power requirements for ADSP-21371 DSP you should look in:

    EE-318 - Estimating Power Dissipation for ADSP-21371 SHARC Processors

  • RE: ADSP21371

    Hi Savina,

                 The ADSP-21375 EZ-KIT examples available under the following VisualDSP++ path is applicable for ADSP-21371 as well.

    C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\213xx\Examples\ADSP-21375 EZ-KIT Lite

    There is no separate example codes for…

  • What is the difference between ADSP-21371KSWZ-2A and ADSP-21371KSWZ-2B


    The ADSP-21371 in commercial temperature grade has two part numbers, one with suffix -2A and another with suffix -2B.  What are the differences between the two parts?



    On the ADSP-21371 there are no audio algorithms in ROM, just…

  • ADSP-21371 EZ-KIT Lite availability

    On SHARC Processors - Manuals page can be found the:

    ADSP-21371 EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation System Manual, Rev. 1.0, September 2009 (pdf, 817 kB)

    However, on the SHARC Processor Evaluation Kits page, there is only 21375 EZ-KIT Lite instead of 21371 EZ-KIT…

  • RE: External memory code execution in ADSP21368

    Hi David,

    As Eugene correctly mentioned, ADSP-21368 doesn't support exernal memory code execution. It's supported on ADSP-21371/5 and ADSP-214xx processors.



  • RE: ADSP-21371 - Can clock at CLKIN be verified using boundary scan?

    Hi Dennis,

    There is no boundary scan cell for CLKIN in ADSP-21371 processor .



  • RE: problem with automatic inlining and memory map


    after a little check, i see that the code was automaticly split over two memory spaces with ADSP-21065L.  But with the ADSP-21371, the automatic splitting doesn´t work anymore.

    I checked the splitted memory sections and saw, that in both memory spaces…

  • ADSP-2137x connect through the Summit-ICE Emulator

    I have the Summit-ICE Emulator that I was using with the ADSP-2181 few years ago.

    It is possible to emulate the ADSP-21371 in Visual DSP++ through this emulator?



  • RE: How to boot program memory to the SDRAM

    Hi Jeyanthi,

    I found that when I am building loader file in VisualDSP for ADSP-21371, it will use the default kernel from:
    C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\213xx\ldr\369_prom.dxe
    In this Kernel, the Core clock is set to the 331.776 MHz, but…

  • Interfacing SDRAM to ADSP21371

    Hi, to all

    I saw the ADSP- 21371 EZ KIT Lite manual. I don`t understand the connection of the SDRAM memory. Why the DQM0 - DQM3 are tied trough rezistors?And the BA0 , BA1 to ADDR17/ ADDR18?