• RE: How to implement adsp21367/8/9 audio project from adsp21065l


          You may use the Audio Talkthrough example code provided for ADSP-21369 as the starting point. Instead of porting the ADSP-21065L project completely to ADSP-21369, you may use only the audio processing portion from the demo code and add it to the…

  • Can I use CrossCore Embedded Studio with ADSP-21369BBPZ board?

    In the Design Tools, Models, Drivers & Software section show that CrossCore works with ADSP-21369 processor. However, to CrossCore supporting board is not included to ADSP-21369 board.

    Before to download this software, I want to know if can I use…

  • RE: Overlay manager example to overlay VISA code

    Please find the attached Overlay code example for ADSP-21369, and it is tested with ADSP-21369 EZ_kit. I guess this will help you to understand overlay manager better. 

  • ADSP-21369


    We made an ADSP-21369 based board, we are using VisualDSP++ 5.1.2 and ADZS-HPUSB-ICE emulator.

    WE connected the board to a PC through the emulator and did a scan test using VisualDSP++ Configurator and the following was observed

    Then in VisualDSP…

  • FAQ:  ADSP-21369 EZKit expansion port dimensions


    Where can pinout and dimension information for the expansion port of the ADSP-21369 EZKit be found?



    You can download this information at:


  • RE: example C code for SPI receive


    Thanks for choosing ADI DSP products.

    Please look at the ADSP-21368 Hardware Reference Manual, SPI chapter where it describes the procedure for performing the SPI transfer and receive. This should be the best place to start.

    We do not have any…

  • RE: 21369 booitng from 16bit wide flash

    Hi Gasha,

    ADSP-21369 processor supports booting only in 8-bit mode. So mostly the Parallel Flash devices which can be connected to ADSP-21369 processor will be either 8 bit device or 16 bit device used in byte mode. For more information I would request…

  • TWI/I2C 21369 c code example


    I'm trying to develop a link between the ADSP  21369 and a Zigbee device. I have to use the I2S protocol. Could some one give me a copy of a C code example demonstrating an I2C transactionfor the ADSP 21369.

    Thanks in advance

  • RE: Running FAT16 file system on ADSP 21368


    Unfortunately, the plug-in can't be made to work for ADSP-21469. It was developed only for ADSP-21369.



  • RE: Re: HDMI input into 21369

    Hi Naveen,

    As such ADSP-21369 does not have a connector which can be used to connect to the HDMI adaptor directly. Hence ADV7622 can be used and controlled using the TWI module of the ADSP-21369 processor.

    Regarding “.I just wanted to confirm if it…