• ADSP-21369 Internal Memory Space


    I'm testing the write and read operations on internal memory of ADSP-21369 and there's someting i don't understand.

    The internal memory availble addresses are (page 6 from ADSP-21369 Datasheet):

    Block 0: 0x0009 8000 - 0x0009  DF…

  • FAQ:  ADSP-21369 EZKit expansion port dimensions


    Where can pinout and dimension information for the expansion port of the ADSP-21369 EZKit be found?



    You can download this information at:


  • Overlay Manager for ADSP-21369


    I´m currently writing an OverlayManager for the ADSP-21369. I already found a working example for the ADSP-21369 EZ-Kit Lite.

    Here´s the Link to the Code:


    The provided Code is working fine, but I have…

  • On-chip Instruction cache in Sharc ADSP-21369

    How do I disable on-chip Instruction cache in Sharc ADSP-21369?

  • Maximum output current of DPI-pins? (ADSP-21369)


    I'm working on the ADSP-21369 EZ-Kit-Lite and ask myself if it's possible to drive a LED (via R) directly from a DPI output pin, i.e. approx. 20 mA? Or do I need a seperate driver?

    Can't find the limiting value neither in the EZ-Kit-manual…

  • Code example for using twi/i2c with adsp-21369 ?


    I'm trying to configure a codec (ad1937) thanks to the Two Wire Interface of the adsp-21369, via the I2C protocol.

    My code doesn't work at all. I'll feel fine with a little code example using twi/i2c for a master transmit / receive transfer…

  • ADSP-21369 SRC 11kHz cut-off


    I hope anyone could help me with some signal problems using the SRC-units of the ADSP-21369 (with the EZ-Lite kit).

    The goal was to provide a flexible upsamling-rate by a PCG. After some testing where I directly connected the ADC on the board…

  • SHARC ADSP-21369 - BTC failure?

    hi guys,

    it's me again. i am working on a student bachelor thesis where i should implement a BTC from matlab to the SHARC ADSP-21369 EZ-Kit to edit parameters for a simple 3-band-EQ during the board's runtime.

    i have now a class in matlab including…

  • ADSP-21369 booting from a SPI Flash


    I've designed my own system with a ADSP-21369. The DSP should boot from a SPI Flash memory M25P20. The BOOT_CFG1:0 pins are 01.

    In my project's options, the "Boot Type" in the Project : Load : General tab is set to "SPI Flash". I'm using…

  • ADSP-21369


    We made an ADSP-21369 based board, we are using VisualDSP++ 5.1.2 and ADZS-HPUSB-ICE emulator.

    WE connected the board to a PC through the emulator and did a scan test using VisualDSP++ Configurator and the following was observed

    Then in VisualDSP…