• ADSP-21368 - WS Value

    The top of page 3-22 of the "ADSP-21368 SHARC Processor Hardware Reference"
    states that, "??t is imperative that the WS value is initialized when the
    acknowledge enable bit (ACKEN) is set."  I can interpret this in one…
  • Running FAT16 file system on ADSP 21368

        I am using ADSP 21368 based custom board, I need to write  data on externaly mmc card with out disturb core processor work. (continiously keep on writing from data memory to mmc) I want to know, how to make the hardware and software for that .


  • How to use dmda for source code in ADSP 21368 processor

    Am working on ADSP 21368 processor. as my requirements got increased by user my code size got increased drastically.

    initially i was running my code in seg_pmco. Later on I moved some part of my code to seg_pmda.

    as am running out of memory n for addition…

  • can I use BTC for displaying Filtered output data during accesing external memory ?? i am using adsp 21368 at vdsp 5.00 (update 7)


    somebody help me.........

    can I use BTC for diplaying Filtered output data during accesing external memory ?? i am using adsp 21368 at vdsp 5.00 (update 7) on my custom board

    thanks .


  • TWI for 21368

    Does anyone have a code snippet for the TWI/I2C interface for the ADSP-21368?  I'm sure I'm doing something silly, but it's not working for me.

    Refer to the other thread, I did manually connect the TWI to two DPI pins through the SRU.


  • Boot Flash? VDSP 5.0 and 21368


    I have my code stable enough that I would like to try running free-standing.  So I invoked the Flash Programmer and browsed to the 369_prom.dxe file and clicked "Load Driver" which gave me the following message:

    Error: Failed loading…

  • VDSP with multiple SHARC 21368s

    I have a custom board with three 21368s.  After the initial debug hassles, it has been working fine.  I set it aside for a bit to work on another project, and now have returned to it.  Here is my situation:

    - Power up the Board, connect the emulator session…

  • RE: Event timer capture on 21368?

    Also the current version of 21368 manual on the web  fails to include the GP timer manual. Please refer to the 2146x hardware reference manual at the following link for the GP timer description. This will be fixed in the next rev.


  • RE: How to set up DAI pins as GPIO (outputs) for 21368?

    Hi Tao,

      You can MICSAxx signals as inputs and not as outputs. That is why you cannot see that in ExpertDAI.  ADSP-21368 HRM page, 4-39, table 4-7 gives the list of all the signals that can be routed to the DAI pins. You will see that it doesnt include…

  • GP Timer on DAI? 21368

    According to the Programmers Reference, the GP Timers can be connected to a DAI pin as an output.  This is contrary to the SRU listings and the hardware block diagram.  I have a situation where I have too much activity on the DPI and very little on the…