• Turning on LEDs on the ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT Lite development board in C language

    Hi i'm new to programming SHARC DSPs and I have recently acquired an ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT Lite development board for my university project. I'm hoping to do some effects processing later on but for now I'm interesting in getting some LEDs to light up on…

  • BTC timing out on ADSP-21364


    I am trying to incorporate BTC in my application running on an ADSP-21364. I'm following the CDemo example, initially just monitoring a single value to verify that BTC is working. I've included btc.h, created a BTC map, called btc_init() and interrupt…

  • how can I programm circular buffer on adsp 21364?

    How can I implement in on the block based talkthru(spdif to analog)? I need to verify if it is good or bad to buffer samples before sending them to dac - for the jitter.

  • ADSP-21364 with external ADC and SigmaStudio


    I want to send 8 channels via TDM to the ADSP-21364 and precess them there with a SigmaStudio project. How can I realize this?

    The external ADC is a Cirrus Logic CDB5368. I have a simple talk-throw example for VisualDSP++ that works, but I dont…

  • Info: Booting from CFI Parallel Flash - ADSP-21262 or ADSP-21364

    The ADSP-2126x & ADSP-21364 DSPs have a multiplexed parallel interface that always reads and writes in 32 bit word increments. This can be two consecutive addresses for 16 bit words or four consecutive addresses for byte wide transfers. You cannot turn…

  • ADSP 21364 - ADAU1361

    Hi to all,

    I am traying to interface the ADSP21364 to audio odec ADAU1361,but i have some fears. In the manual of the codec i can`t find and understand what are the number of bit for the serial port output.How i can choose to transfer 16 bit data from…

  • SPI ADSP-21364


          I was trying to look into the example codes of  SPI core driven there i could find transmission done in a for loop,now i want this to be done interrupt based.

    1)As there are 2 SPI port cant i use the same port for transmit & receieve with interrupt…

  • ADSP 21364 -Miscellaneous interrupt.


          1)   I am trying to use  MISCB3_I   interrupt ,i have done the SRU configuration for that but i dont understand how to write interrupt signal for that,as in the programmable interrupts there are P0I & P012I for DAI which one to be used for MISCB3_I…

  • ADSP 21364 processing too long


    I'm a beginer in programing on DSP boards. And I have a problem. I am using example from visualdsp++ BlockBasedTalkThru(C) example. I applied a some porcessing in finction processBlock. And it is not working. By using debuger i get that proccesing…

  • VisualDSP++ will not connect to ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT Lite

    My VisualDSP++ Release 4.0 (Windows 7-64 O/S) will not connect via USB to my ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT Lite -

    the orange USB monitor LED does not light.  Although this seems to be a commonly-reported problem with

    EZ-KIT Lites, I have not found a solution that helps…