• questions related to ADSP-21364

    Posting questions that came through private forum support. Posting the questions and the answers in this post.

    1)I did the parallel port programming for ADSP 21364 ,but i did not initialize PLL in that still i could find my code working as i had set…

  • ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT Lite and CrossCore debugging/connection problems


    I have an ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT board and I am struggling to connect to it using CrossCore. I am using Crosscore 2.7.0 on a Windows 7 x86 version (because I could not find any drivers for the board for x64 system, I used the VisualDSP++ drivers and…

  • ADSP-21364 EZ-Kit Lite with SigmaStudio for Sharc


    I want to use the ADSP-21364 EZ-Kit Lite (Rev 2.0) with SigmaStudio but there is no USB connection, when i want to download the schematic on the board ("A USB communication failure has occured"). I use Win7 (64bit)

    I work only a few…

  • ADSP-21364 and SIG_GPTMR2


    According to Visual DSP++ 4.0 Compiler and Library Ref Manual, SIG_GPTMR2 processor signal is only supported with ADSP-2126x.

    However, I'm working with ADSP-21364 and I have a program using SIG_GPTMR2, which seems to work fine.

    SIG_GPTMR2 is…

  • ADSP-21364 Singly Chained Buffer 单缓冲链式DMA

    adsp-21364 EZKit的example 里有个 block-based talk thru project。 里面用到了以三个buffer(缓冲器?)组成的circular buffer (环形缓冲区)和 DMA chaining(链式DMA)。 三个buffer分别用来存ADC进来的数据, 处理中的数据, 和输出到DAC的数据。 而和以上的project不同的是, 我被要求只能用单个buffer完成talk-thru(麦克风的输入直接送到音响的输出)。并且要运用到链式DMA。教授大体的意思是有两个pointer指在buffer上…

  • Question ADSP-21364


       I had few questions on ADSP-21364:

    1)in  parallel port programming in sample codes its written * (volatile int  *)IIPP = (int) dest ,why is that type casting done for dest array ,as  its suppose to be the base address of the array.Can someone…

  • FFT IN ADSP 21364

    Hi everyone,

    I want to do a FFT starting from the example program, which is working fine, Block Based TalkThru (C). Is there anybody who can give me some information or example codes to get this?  I'm using the SHARC ADSP 21364.

    Kind regards,


  • Parallel port ADSP -21364


          I am working on ADSP-21364 & using the parallel port ,I read the example codes,wherein the eternal address was # defined now i am little confused with using the ALE ,RD & WR signals ,how do i use them in the code & if i would like to use the parallel…

  • ADSP 21364 EZ-kit


    I am working in ADSP 21364 EZ-kit. I want to see aliasing effect at the output by setting low sampling rate of ADC, below 48KHz, which is the default sampling rate. I know if I go beyond 24KHz I can see aliasing effect,  but anti-aliasing filter at…

  • Turning on LEDs on the ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT Lite development board in C language

    Hi i'm new to programming SHARC DSPs and I have recently acquired an ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT Lite development board for my university project. I'm hoping to do some effects processing later on but for now I'm interesting in getting some LEDs to light up on…