• RE: VisualDSP 5.0 SHARC compiler generates incorrect code using bset, bclr

    Thank you for the easy workaround using a local variable - I hadn't tried that.  I should point out though that turning off optimization doesn't help in this case.  In the original attached source file I noted that I had tried different optimization…

  • RE: Legacy Code Examples

    Hi Clark,

    Are you talking about the 'ADSP-2136x Application Code Examples' available in the below link?




  • Managing Multiple Applications in ADSP-21363 using SPI Flash



    Managing Multiple Applications in A Single EPROM for Sharc Processors, EE-108 .

    How to  Manage Multiple Applications in ADSP-21363 using SPI Flash ?.




  • SHARC ADSP-21363 silicon revision register

    How do you access the silicon revision number via software in the SHARC ADSP-21363?  I know the Blackfin has this register and I thought the SHARC did too, but can't find it in the documentation.

  • ADSP-21363 SPORT/DMA synchronization


    I am working with an ADSP-21363 SHARC DSP where I use SPORT channels to receive and transmit left-justified audio stream.

    SPORT1 (RX) handles the reception of N audio samples (left-justified) through DMA.

    SPORT0 (TX) handles the transmission of…

  • RE: Generating ADSP-21363 SPI interrupt in DMA

    1.Could ADSP-21363 generate an interrupt from SPI which are working in DMA mode only after transmitting of 3 bytes to the slave?


    2.Could you please recommend something?

    You must use Core Transfer.

  • How can I safely disable SPI port after the DMA transfer is over ?

    I am using ADSP-21363 processor. I want to configure SPI as master to trasmit data to a slave device using DMA and disable the SPI port after the transfer is over. Can I disable the SPI port in the DMA completion interrupt service routine ?

  • RE: SHARC SPI Boot failure (ADSP21363)

    Hi Dave,

    Please also note that ADSP-21363 already have an internal pull up (22.5 kΩ) on the TRST pin. So, you might have to either use a pull down resistor stronger enough to dominate this pull up or directly connec the TRST to GND.



  • RE: Migrating project from VisualDsp++ to CrossCore ADSP-21363


    To reference subject:  Re: Migrating project from VisualDsp++ to CrossCore



    Thank you for help. Program elf2elf.exe fix all mine…

  • Compiler needed for DSP


    We are using below DSP in our project & need the node locked Visual DSP++ complier for the same.


    As per my understanding the below compiler is required for the below processor. Please do confirm so that we can proceed to quote for the same.