• Designing a System for ADSP-21262

    Hello all,

    I have a hopefully quick, newbie question:

    I have code up and running on my ADSP-21262 EZ-kit, and I'm currently designing my own board based on the EZ-kit schematic.  My question is how to cheaply and easily interface VisualDSP++ to my…

  • RE: SHARC processors for automotive applications (ADSP-21262)

    Hi Pedro,

      ADSP-21262 is a floating point processor which supports different range of applications not just audio. Please let me know how the system will look like for your project. When we know what resources you will be needing then we can see if that…

  • Yet another "AFP_BreakReady" Issue

    So far I've managed to develop a small 21261 custom board, thank you to all who has assisted me thus far in my previous questions, I'm at the final leg of testing the flashing of program memory.

    I tried to use cldp and it works for with the M25P20…

  • RE: EZ KIT 21262 lite , GPIO as 3.3V supply


    I think it should be possible to provide the supply using a DAI pin keeping it by configuring it as output and driving it high. However, I would suggest you to refer  figure 27, page 36 of the ADSP-21262 data sheet that shows the current drive capability…

  • ADSP-2136x E-PAD drop in replacement for ADSP-21262 ?


    I would like the option of upgrading the performance of an existing design and was wondering whether the ADSP-2136x 144LQFP E-PAD is a drop in replacement for the ADSP-21262 ??

    Does the Exposed PAD have to be connected to gorund ?

    If not does…

  • RE: Memory Allocation

    Hi David,

    Could you please post the code the replicates the problem on the ADSP-21262 EZ-Kit? I shall replicate the problem here and check what could be causing this.



  • RE: Problem with ADSP21262 JTAG interface

    Hi Nivin,

    this looks like a duplicate of your other thread, ADSP 21262 Problem with JTAG Interface

    To avoid duplication of effort, please continue the discussion on the original thread; I will lock this thread.



  • Booting up without external roms

    I plan to bootup an ADSP-21262 design using an ICE with no external serial or parallel roms installed.

    Is there any special procedures for this or is it a case that the ICE takes control of the hardware irrespective of what boot prom is installed ?

  • RE: Expert DAI not showing up int the tools menu

    Thanks Mitesh

    I created a new session for the ADSP-21262 and assigned the simulator to it and when I activate the session it now enables the Expert DAI in the tools menu.



  • RE: EZ-Kit 21262 Block based talk thru

    Hi Rainer,

       Sorry I dint get a chance to test it until now. I will test the code on the ADSP-21262 EZ-kit Lite and let you know what i find.