• ADSP-21262 ESD Sensitivity

    Hi, I see in the ADSP-21262 datasheet that there is ESD protection circuitry, but no details are given.  Can you tell me if it meets any IEC specs for direct and air discharge?  Thanks.


  • ADSP 21262 to computer connection

    Dear experts in Analog Device DSP, I am designing a board centered on an ADSP 21262. I am new to DSP and this one is very complex to me. I would like to interface this board with my computer so as to modify the programs of the DSP for fine tuning thanks…

  • Designing a System for ADSP-21262

    Hello all,

    I have a hopefully quick, newbie question:

    I have code up and running on my ADSP-21262 EZ-kit, and I'm currently designing my own board based on the EZ-kit schematic.  My question is how to cheaply and easily interface VisualDSP++ to my…

  • RE: EZ KIT 21262 lite , GPIO as 3.3V supply


    I think it should be possible to provide the supply using a DAI pin keeping it by configuring it as output and driving it high. However, I would suggest you to refer  figure 27, page 36 of the ADSP-21262 data sheet that shows the current drive capability…

  • ADSP-2136x E-PAD drop in replacement for ADSP-21262 ?


    I would like the option of upgrading the performance of an existing design and was wondering whether the ADSP-2136x 144LQFP E-PAD is a drop in replacement for the ADSP-21262 ??

    Does the Exposed PAD have to be connected to gorund ?

    If not does…

  • Booting up without external roms

    I plan to bootup an ADSP-21262 design using an ICE with no external serial or parallel roms installed.

    Is there any special procedures for this or is it a case that the ICE takes control of the hardware irrespective of what boot prom is installed ?

  • RE: Memory Allocation

    Hi David,

    Could you please post the code the replicates the problem on the ADSP-21262 EZ-Kit? I shall replicate the problem here and check what could be causing this.



  • RE: Expert DAI not showing up int the tools menu

    Thanks Mitesh

    I created a new session for the ADSP-21262 and assigned the simulator to it and when I activate the session it now enables the Expert DAI in the tools menu.



  • RE: EZ-Kit 21262 Block based talk thru

    Hi Rainer,

       Sorry I dint get a chance to test it until now. I will test the code on the ADSP-21262 EZ-kit Lite and let you know what i find.



  • RE: Problem with ADSP21262 JTAG interface

    Hi Nivin,

    this looks like a duplicate of your other thread, ADSP 21262 Problem with JTAG Interface

    To avoid duplication of effort, please continue the discussion on the original thread; I will lock this thread.