• Debugging SPI slave boot on ADSP-2126x


    after successfully developing and testing an application on an ADSP-21262 with SPI slave boot from an ATMega644  i redesigned the board and got stuck when booting. The (as i hope) only change was switching the compiled code from ADSP-21262 to ADSP…

  • RE: Ready for circuit board design

    Hi Nermin,

    I will respond to your request privately, but I just wanted to point out to other readers that Danville Signal specializes in SHARC based DSP boards. We released the very first commercially available ADSP-21262 board. It was released the same…

  • RE: SHARC question

    Hi Windy,

    Shared memory support is only available in ADSP-21368 SHARC processors. This support is not available in ADSP-21262 processors. Also note that AD0-15 of the parallel port in ADSP-21262 are driven low during and after reset and when you connect…

  • RE: Need a code example of slave spi-dma for 21262

    Hi Gad,

              I have tested your code on the ADSP-21262 EZ-KIT Lite board. I have used ADSP-21469 board as master for this purpose. I have done some modifications in the code to send two buffers of data from the ADSP-21262 SPI slave to the ADSP-21469 master…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

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  • RE: ADSP21262-ZK problem


    I have two adsp-21262 ez kit lite boards and both give me exactly the same error like Windy described.

    David or Windy, can you tell me how you solved this issue? I need to develop some code for the 21262 urgently.



  • RE: Problems with ADSP21262 JTAG interface and Building


    Thanks again for your help!

    I used a CLKIN of 20MHz and CLK_CFG = 10 (8:1), then the target connected successfully.

    Then I builded  the examples in ...\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\212xx\examples\ADSP-21262 EZ-KIT Lite, there was the error:


  • Designing a System for ADSP-21262

    Hello all,

    I have a hopefully quick, newbie question:

    I have code up and running on my ADSP-21262 EZ-kit, and I'm currently designing my own board based on the EZ-kit schematic.  My question is how to cheaply and easily interface VisualDSP++ to my…

  • ADSP-21262 ESD Sensitivity

    Hi, I see in the ADSP-21262 datasheet that there is ESD protection circuitry, but no details are given.  Can you tell me if it meets any IEC specs for direct and air discharge?  Thanks.


  • ADSP 21262 to computer connection

    Dear experts in Analog Device DSP, I am designing a board centered on an ADSP 21262. I am new to DSP and this one is very complex to me. I would like to interface this board with my computer so as to modify the programs of the DSP for fine tuning thanks…