• ADSP-21262 cavities on balls


    our customer at incoming inspection of ADSP-21262 processors revealed some cavities of balls located on the bottom side.

    In this case they claim that this is a result of rebolling the part.

    Could you please look at the attached pictures and advise…

  • SHARC processors for automotive applications (ADSP-21262)


    My name is Pedro and I’m currently doing the final project of my degree in engineering. The aim of the project is the implementation of an algorithm of an active safety system for cars on a DSP.

    I have the ADSP-21262 EZ-KIT Lite evaluation board…

  • ADSP-21262 ESD Sensitivity

    Hi, I see in the ADSP-21262 datasheet that there is ESD protection circuitry, but no details are given.  Can you tell me if it meets any IEC specs for direct and air discharge?  Thanks.


  • ADSP-2136x E-PAD drop in replacement for ADSP-21262 ?


    I would like the option of upgrading the performance of an existing design and was wondering whether the ADSP-2136x 144LQFP E-PAD is a drop in replacement for the ADSP-21262 ??

    Does the Exposed PAD have to be connected to gorund ?

    If not does…

  • ADSP-21262, div by zero corrupts ISR?

    (Not sure, maybe this should be on VisualDSP++ side)

    Have my custom board with 21262 that I'm debugging via HPUSB-ICE.

    For unknown reason code goes crazy and when I HALT (Shift-F5) disassembly -windows shows the ISR -area (80000-800FF) being filled…

  • ADSP 21262 to computer connection

    Dear experts in Analog Device DSP, I am designing a board centered on an ADSP 21262. I am new to DSP and this one is very complex to me. I would like to interface this board with my computer so as to modify the programs of the DSP for fine tuning thanks…

  • Problem with ADSP 21262 power supply

    I have designed a board with ADSP 21262 processor. Before soldering the processor, I have verified the isolation between core supply point and the external supply point. But once the processor is wired, they show short and the same voltage, 1.2 V. Why…

  • ADSP-21262 RD signal going active twice.

    Can someone tell me why the read signal is going low twice?

    I'm using ADSP-21262. Is this suppose to happen?


  • ADSP-21262 EZ-KIT Signal Cancellation / System Identification

    I’m new to DSP, I have an ADSP-21262 EZ-KIT Lite and working through the examples I have managed to code a LMS filter.  For my application the error signal is generated in analog electronics from an op-amp.  (Have attached a block diagram)  Due to the delays…

  • Designing a System for ADSP-21262

    Hello all,

    I have a hopefully quick, newbie question:

    I have code up and running on my ADSP-21262 EZ-kit, and I'm currently designing my own board based on the EZ-kit schematic.  My question is how to cheaply and easily interface VisualDSP++ to my…