• question for ADSP-21261 power supply .

    Hi Sir ,
    We are using ADSP-21261 processor , 5V through TPS76801Q stabilized to 1.2V and supply inner-core voltage for ADSP-21261, but it turns very thermal after the chip keep working for 10 minutes . We would like to use LTC1877 to stabilize voltage…
  • RE: SHARC question

    Hi Divya ,

    Thanks for your support .

    When ADSP-21261 using the SPI Slave Boot , how will be the timing for SPI master's coperation ? Is sending the *.ldr file which produced by   VisualDSP++5.0 directly to ADSP-21261 in order ? or should be sent by…

  • Debugging SPI slave boot on ADSP-2126x


    after successfully developing and testing an application on an ADSP-21262 with SPI slave boot from an ATMega644  i redesigned the board and got stuck when booting. The (as i hope) only change was switching the compiled code from ADSP-21262 to ADSP…

  • ADSP-21261 TDM Codec interfacing


    I have a custom board with a ADSP-21261 DSP. SPORT01 is connected to A PCM3168 codec, which is configurated as  Master.

    24 bit, sampling frequency = 48KHz, BCLK is set to 256*48KHz, FS is generated every 1/48KHz with 50% duty.

    I want to use a 8…

  • SPI serial flash driver & SAFP python script

    SPI serial flash driver & SAFP python script by rolf

    Hi there,

    I recently had the pleasure to prepare a ADSP-21261 based device to boot in SPI flash master boot mode. The flash involved was SST Microchip's SPI serial flash SST25VF020B. DSP and…

  • RE: AD1974 data format

    Hi Sander,

    I would like to clarify your issue: What format of data are you using between the AD1974 and the ADSP-21261? Can you post your register settings for the AD1974? Or does your question refer to the buffered DMA data?



  • RE: Reading ADSP-21261 Processor with minimal components


    Yes, even without a SPI Flash device you should be able to connect to the processor via JTAG . But for this to work , you have to make sure that the power, JTAG circuitry is correct (refer to the ADSP-21261 EzKit Schematic) and a proper Clock input…

  • ADSP-21261 SPI Core TX & RX slow


    I'm using the SPI as a core transfer on the 21261.

    If I just TX data then the speed of the SPI port is as expected and the data arrives ok.

    If I look to RX data then the speed of the transfer is over 12 times slower as the DSP waits for…

  • RE: intermittent booting please help

    I'm not sure if this is an issue, I doubt it is see attachment.

    The ADSP-21262 (200Mhz) shows a example external crystal of 12.5Mhz with PLL multiplier of 16:1 thats 12.5 x 16 = 200MHz during boot,

    However, Im using a ADSP-21261 (150Mhz) with a…

  • Problems changing project name in CCES

    Hi Craig,

    here the problem i just reproduced with CCES 1.0.2:. It is not a problem of changing the processor, its just a problem renaming the project when checking out of a cvs engine.

    I have a project using a ADSP-21262 which compiles fine and works…