• RE: ADSP 21065L for motor control

    Hi Panos,

    Looks like it is a duplicated thread for ADSP 21065L for motor control  hence closing this. You can continue the discussion over this mentioned thread.



  • ADSP 21065L for motor control

    Hi all,

    I a new user of Analog Devices. I am quite experienced in using TI and Infineon microprocessors for different applications (motor control, power converters etc), however my current project is on motor control with ADSP 21065L.

    To the point,

  • ADSP-21065L, VDSP++ 5.0 and HPPCI-ICE

    Hi guys,

    After digging around for a few days with my HPPCI on Windows Vista Home Premium, I finally desisted of using VDSP++ 3.5 and 4.0, and went for 5.0.

    Now I migrated an ADSP-21065L project to 5.0, but to my surprise I found out that for ADSP-21065L…

  • RE: ADSP 21065L external memory access

    Hi ,

          Please send me the following:

    1. SDRAM part used and the code for configuring the SDRAM?

    2. Code which shows the problem?

    I will check this and come back with some suggestions. Also let me know whether you have any ADSP-21065L EZ-KIT Lite board…

  • RE: ADSP-21065L Memory DMA

    Hi Dan,

            I would like to first clarify on the DMA channel need to be used for External port channel 1. Please refer the ADSP-21065L user manual on the below link:


  • Extra Uart in ADSP 21065L is required

    Hi, I am working on ADSP 21065L based embedded system. I have reqiured two UARTs, but only one UART is available in D.Module 21065L. Please guide me how can I slove this problem.

  • ADSP-21065L SPORT0 Receive Interrupt

    Hallo everyone!

    I am dealing with a weird problem of NOT occuring a receive interrupt of SPORT0 in the ADSP-21065L.

    My application is based on the given example code of the FIR filter (if anyone is aware of it), provided in the analog devices site.

  • interfacing position sensor's signals to Adsp 21065L


    I have the intension of using the Adsp 21065L EZ - kit for the purpose of developing a control algorithm. The algorithm must use two pair of pulsetrain signals each pair coming

    from an encoder (4 channels alltogether) as inputs and produce a…

  • ADSP 21065L SDRAM Controller problem


    I have this unworking scenario on my board with a adsp as in object. In few words the instructions are abnormally modified when placed in external sdram segment.

    I attached two files in which you can see, in mixed mode, how the code is disassembled…

  • what kind of Sharc DSP is replacement of ADSP-21065L?


    I'm newbie for DSP development , I study DSP audio processing from share audio demo Code (http://www.analog.com/en/processors-dsp/sharc/products/code-examples/21065L_audio_demos/resources/fca.html). they are  for ADSP-21065.

    But I check the…