• I can not connect to my ADSP 21062 with an ADZS-HPUSB-ICE

    Hi there,

    I am trying to connect to my dsp and is imposible to do. I am follo wing the manual:

    The Sequence for Power On is:

    1. Apply power to the target board.

    2. Apply power to the ICE.

    3. Connect the USB cable to the ICE.

    4. Open the VisualDSP…

  • How many CRC blocks available on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x processor ?

    There are two CRC blocks CRC0/CRC1 present in ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x processors. CRC0 is tied with MDMA0(8→9) stream and CRC1 is tied with MDMA1 (18→19) stream.

  • How FFT accelertor on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x can be programmed?

    A software library containing support for using the FFTA is provided with the CrossCore Embedded Studio. Using this library, C or C++ programs running on an ARM Cortex A5 or SHARC ADSP-215xx and ADSP-SC5xx core can access the FFTA to implement various…

  • differences between the ADSP-BF537 and the ADSP-BF533 booting process

    What are the differences between the ADSP-BF537 and the ADSP-BF533 booting


    There are some differences as explained in EE-261 "ADSP-BF537 Blackfin
    Highlights for ADSP-BF533 Users". Excerpt from EE-261 Boot Rom section:


  • How many DMC controllers are present in ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x processors?

    There are maximum of 2 DMC controllers present on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x processors. For more details, refer to the processor data sheet.

  • FIRA/IIRA Performance on ADSP-SC58x/2158x and ADSP-SC57x/2157x Processors

    FIRA Performance

    The FIRA processing mainly consists of the following stages:

    1. TCB load
    2. Coefficient load
    3. Delay line preload
    4. Compute
    5. Index write back

    FIRA runs at SCLK0 on ADSP-SC58x/2158x and ADSP-SC57x/2157x processors. FIR compute…

  • Does MDMA support descriptor based DMAs on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x?

    Yes, like other peripheral DMA channels, MDMA also support descriptor based modes (descriptor array, descriptor list, descriptor on-demand etc.).

  • What is the difference between ADSP-21371KSWZ-2A and ADSP-21371KSWZ-2B



    The ADSP-21371 in commercial temperature grade has two part numbers, one with suffix -2A and another with suffix -2B.  What are the differences between the two parts?



    On the ADSP-21371 there are no audio algorithms in ROM, just the coefficients…

  • FAQ: How does target initialization differ in ADSP-SC598 vs ADSP-SC57x/8x?

    Target initialization, including system reset, is performed as part of the Cortex-A55 OpenOCD target initialization for ADSP-SC598. If only the SHARC cores are being debugged in ADSP-SC598, a core reset is performed on each loaded core and no system reset…

  • the difference between ADSP-21363KBCZ-1AA and ADSP-21369

    Hello ADI Colleagues,

    One of our customers would like to update their hardware with ADSP-21369 to replace ADSP-21363KBCZ-1AA. Do they need to modify their hardware and software?


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