• ADSP 21062 - External Port Buffer (EPBx) is hung at PC

    Hi All In a board we are using 6 ADSP 21062 sharc processors in Multi processing environment The batch code of the processor is ADSP-21062 - cs-160 - EDC2372D-3.0 - 0045 . Flash is connected to the sharc bus along with sram, ethernet and an FPGA.. I can…

  • boot kernel customization in adsp 21062

    HI all
    Reg:boot kernel customization in adsp 21062
    I have single flash in that to load two .ldr filles regarding that i have faced lmany problems i.e
    1.first ldr working fine with customized kernel in sector 0 of flash memory.

    Hello, help me please. Where can I find or download DSP21k Toolkit User’s Guide ?

    Can I work with ADSP-2106x SHARC EZ-LAB using VisualDsp ++ ? Thanks !!!

  • ADSP-21062: Modifying the bootloader


    I would like to know how I can modify the bootloader and generate a hex file for it.

    My situation is as follows:

    I have an EPROM with number of sectors. I will put the bootloader in sector 0 and put my DSP image in another sector. I want to create…

  • Regarding  flags reading in Adsp 21062

    Darr all

     I have to read flag pins in c code  .

    How to read flag pins in c  code for Adsp 

  • ADSP-21062 SPORT DMA not finishing


    I'm experiencing an issue in SPORT1 DMA.

    This happens randomly and mostly at high temperatures.

    Once in a while I get an error that the SPORT DMA is not finished. This is SPORT1 and it is not shared.

    Clock and frame are externally generated…

  • Can anybody tell me how to emulate a PC so that it can act as ADSP 21062?

    I want to know how to emulate a PC so that it can function as ADSP 21062..

  • I can not connect to my ADSP 21062 with an ADZS-HPUSB-ICE

    Hi there,

    I am trying to connect to my dsp and is imposible to do. I am follo wing the manual:

    The Sequence for Power On is:

    1. Apply power to the target board.

    2. Apply power to the ICE.

    3. Connect the USB cable to the ICE.

    4. Open the VisualDSP…

  • RE: Re: Can anybody tell me how to emulate a PC so that it can act as ADSP 21062?


    As I mentioned on your other thread; you appear to have branched my reply to a new thread; could I ask that you do not branch any discussions that are on-topic, and related to the current thread. If you have additional questions that are not relevant…