• Speaker Equalization with the ADSP-21366 + ADSP-21367

    I am currently reviewing consumer audio equipment that uses these devices but the provided documentation is completely lacking in information about the implementation of this function. What data is gathered from the measurements?  Is there correction for…

  • RE: How to download ADSP-21487 SW to ADSP-21487 internal ROM using CCES

    Hi Tingting,

    The internal ROM is not user programmable. It is factory programmed, it requires a minimum order and there is an NRE associated for custom ROM programmed parts. For further details please contact your local sales representative.

    Best regards…

  • Which difference between ADSP-CM408F-A and ADSP-CM408F-B

    Which difference between ADSP-CM408F-A and ADSP-CM408F-B?

  • RE: Changing ADSP-21369 assembly to use on ADSP-21489

    Hi Peter,

    Apologize for delay in response.

    The instruction set used in the ADSP-21489 is same as ADSP-21369. Since both processors has the similar core, the core related instructions remain same in the ADSP-21489.

    However, please make suitable…

  • Porting ADSP-21469 VDK application to ADSP-SC573 µC/OS

    I am contemplating porting my ADSP-21469 VDK application to ADSP-SC573 µC/OS.

    The VDK application works, but it has a few drawbacks.
    1) I have not succeeded transferring configuration data from desktop computer to the DSP. I could not get the USB working…

  • ADSP-2136x E-PAD drop in replacement for ADSP-21262 ?


    I would like the option of upgrading the performance of an existing design and was wondering whether the ADSP-2136x 144LQFP E-PAD is a drop in replacement for the ADSP-21262 ??

    Does the Exposed PAD have to be connected to gorund ?

    If not does…

  • RE: Porting uC/OS II to ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x

    Hi Ksam,

    Micrium uCOS-II (and uCOS-III) for CrossCore Embedded Studio are already available for ADSP-SC58x processors: http://www.analog.com/uCOS2

    Best regards,


  • On-chip flash for ADSP-BF538F and ADSP-BF539F

    It is mentioned in the data sheet that we need to connect /AMS0 to /FCE to boot
    from on-chip flash.  What should be done with the /FRESET pin?


    Typical applications using the Spansion flash device externally would tie
    /FRESET to the system…
  • ADSP-BF51x with ADSP-BF518F EZ-Board SPI Slave Boot

    I have a Raspberry Pi as a master trying to load a dxe command to a ADSP-BF51x blackfin with a ADSP-BF518F EZ-Board on Boot. I'm a beginner to this so I feel like I'm over my head. I currently have a program that takes in a video feed from the Blackfin…

  • RE: ADSP-SC58x

    Hi Ben,

    With reference to the following link, it's recommended to use ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
    Ubuntu doesn't have a 32bit release for the 18.04 version.
    Can you share details on which 32bit host os you want…