• EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ Range

    What is the range of the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ kit?

  • EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ supported interfaces

    What interfaces are supported on the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ?

  • EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ software requirements

    What are the software requirements to run the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ platform?

  • Illumination Wavelength EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ

    What is the wavelength of the illumination source on the eval kit?

  • SDK for the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ

    Is there an SDK for the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ? Where can I find it?

  • RE: EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ power requirements

    The module requires a minimum of 2A 5V from the usb source. USB hubs with PD 2.0 should fulfill this requirement. More information can be found at : https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/eval-adsd3100-nxz 

  • Does the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ kit support multiple ranges?

    Does the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ kit support multiple ranges?

  • EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ Field of View and Field of Illumination

    What is the Field of View (FOV) and Field of Illumination (FOI) of the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ?

  • Does the latest code on github support the SolidRun hardware v1.1?


    I am evaluating the SolidRun board with ADSD3100. The code of commit 9022302f8f9fa works fine and I can get data from camera.

    The latest code seems uses a pwm-gpio kernel module to replace the fsync_carr_adi.sh

    I can't get camera data with the latest…

  • RE: ToF

    ToF is an acronym for Time-of-Flight. It is one of the methods used to determine the distance of an object. The ADSD3100 relies on Continuous-Wave ToF measure the distance from points in a scene to the camera. More information about the system can be…