• Can I get a datasheet for ADSD3100?

  • Where is the datasheet for the ADSD3100?

    Where is the datasheet for the ADSD3100?

  • ADSD3100 availability

    Dear All,

    I was re-directed here by Arrow Electronics Germany. I am interested in ADSD3100 sensor as a replacement for a VGA resolution time of flight sensor. What is the availability of ADSD3100 sensor? Where is NDA to sign and how to acquire samples…

  • ADSD3100, does the Intrinsic parameter from camera works for now?


    I am trying the point cloud on ADSD3100 SDK with its python binding.

    Th demo failed since the camDetails.intrinsics is empty and can't get 

    fx = intrinsicParameters.cameraMatrix[0]
    fy = intrinsicParameters.cameraMatrix[4]
    cx = intrinsicParameters…

  • RE: ADSD3100 resolution

    The ADSD3100 is a 1 Megapixel resolution sensor. The EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ platform supports MegaPixel(MP) and Quarter-MegaPixel (QMP) modes.  

  • Documents for ADSD3100

    1. How do I get complete datasheet for ADSD3100 ? should I go through a NDA process ?

    2. there are two library files libtofi_compute.so libtofi_config.so required during SDK building and I can't find it in Github. Is it freely available ?

  • Questions about ADSD3100


    1. There are libtofi_compute.so  and libtofi_config.so required by the aditof SDK while building. Is it freely available? Is there any document to be signed company to company to get these files?

    2. How to get the complete datasheet of ADSD3100?

  • EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ host

    What host is being used by the EVAL-ADSD3100-NXZ kit?