• Switch in ADRV9364-Z7020


    I am trying to run a simple example on the FPGA of the adrv9364-z7020 + bob board

    where the switches S1 and S2 of the bob board work as inputs and the led gpio0 as output.

    I find that the switch on the bob board is related to one of the JX connectors…

  • Reference design for adrv9364-z720 + adrv1crr-bob and adrv9364-z720 + adrv1crr-fmc

    Currently I have the ADRV9364-Z7020 + ADRV1CRR-BOB boards, as I don't have the possibility to add an external oscillator,
    they told me that I should buy the FMC board for the ADRV9364-Z7020. As my idea is to customize the HDL reference, I…
  • RE: eCPRI Support for adrv9364 SDR board

    I would suggest asking the IP vendor for your eCPRI core if they can utilize the HR pins for this purpose.

    The specs for those pins are here: https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/data_sheets/ds187-XC7Z010-XC7Z020-Data-Sheet.pdf

    I would also suggest…

  • clock in adrv9364-z7020+bob with NO-OS


    I have adrv9364-z7020 + bob board. I want to do a simple test without using Linux.

    I know that when I use Linux the clock that powers my system is a reference of 40 MHz, if I am not mistaken.

    When I do not use Linux, depending on the configuration…

  • ADRV9364 DAC_DMA_EXAMPLE's RF output is very low


    I am using ADRV9364z7020 with vivado 2019.1 and HDL_2019_R2 + No-OS-2019_R2 . I am able to build both hdl and no-os projects. I am working on example projects.  When I use DAC_DMA_EXAMPLE project, I can change frequency and all the other things…

  • RE: ADRV9364 appconfig.h


    There might be a bug with the IRQ part of the project. I haven't been able to look at it yet, but I am planning to do so in the near future.


  • RE: Setup ADRV9364-Z7020 with ADRV1CRR-FMC using MATLAB

    Tested on my side using the 2021-02-23-ADI-Kuiper.img from here:


    Copied files from the zynq-adrv9364-z7020-bob-cmos and zynq-common folder.

    My switches are set same as yours.


  • RE: Implementation using ADRV9364-Z7020+FMC

    Overall software support and guides are here: https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/adrv9364-z7020

    You can use IIO-Scope remotely from a host PC if you want. This just requires an Ethernet connection.

    Python and MATLAB are supported with pyadi…

  • ADRV9364-Z7020 marking

    Hi. I have a question about ADRV9364-Z7020 marking. Serial numbers and Lot number are different on the board (S19-1585 SN: 00130) and on the label (S20-0730 SN: 2020080300802). Is this acceptable? or is it a delivery error?

  • Sanity Check for FMC and ADRV9364-Z7020

    Hello Everyone, I am a rookie to the world of SDR. I have few doubts

    1.Is there any way to monitor the voltages and Currents on ADRV1CRR-FMC+ADRV9364-Z7020?

    2.I read that there is ADM1166,which deals with power sequencing. I just want to know the purpose…