• customize ADRV9361-Z7035


    I am customizing my adrv9361-z7035 + fmc board and I wanted to know

    What is the difference between doing my board configuration with ad9361 non-Os API or with AD9361 ParamInit?

    Thank you,


  • Kuiper Linux not working With HDL Reference Design in ADRV9361-z7035

    I m running HDL Reference design branch 2019_r2 on ADRV9361-z7035 board 


    for OS i m using Kuiper Linux 


    I have successfully run HDL reference design on vivado with ADRV9361…

  • ADRV9361-ZC7035 Maximum DMAC throughput?

    According to the wiki the maximum throughput is 1066Mbps (not 1066MT/s), which would mean at a sample rate of 61.44MSps (max sample rate), DMA has absolutely no chance of streaming real-time.

    Is this correct? Or is the DDR3 actually 1066MT/s and thus have…

  • ADRV9361-Z7035 Hardware Validation Testing


    I am looking at the reference design for the ADRV9361-Z7035 and wanted to know if you also provided any post-manufacturing hardware validation tests along with the build package?

    Also, would other XILINX chips such as the Z7030 or z7045 be a drop…

  • Memory in adrv9361-z7035+fmc

    I would like to know if your reference design can save 2ms of data in RAM, access it and then discard it if necessary.
    Would the DMA take care of this?
    Could you guide me on this?
    Thanks a lot!
  • RE: Frequency Hopping Example Design with ADRV9361-z7035 and ADRV1CRR-BOB

    I selected LOs frequencies as I did for adrv1crr-fmc reference design ( that is RF Bandwidth 50 MHz , Profile 1 2425MHz, Profile 2 2475MHz , dwell sample value 15000).

    The above settings work correctly with Adrv9361-z7035+adrv1crr-fmc but not working…

  • ADRV9361-Z7035+ADRV1CRR-BOB Vivado reference design


    I want develop with board in subject. I have used it sucsessful vith linux on sd card and IIO thru Ethernet to host computer and GNU radio.

    Now I need to improve my work by design somethings with Zynq processor,

    But I have some trouble to find reference…

  • Sending Customized DATA to DAC AD9361 (ADRV9361-Z7035)

    Respected Everyone;

    I want to send customized data via DAC DMA AD9361. I have my own module that processes data . I am using HDL 2019_R1 reference design and ADRV9361-z7035 board. your help and examples if any i will be very thankful

  • Adding PL2303 & CH341 driver to ADRV9361-z7035 Image


    Dear Sir,

    I want to use module PL2303 & CH341 with ADRV9361-z7035 . I did try but I guessed I need to add driver /or customize kernel image of ADRV9361-z7036 . I am using HDL 2019_R2 and associated zynq image. your help and kind guidance is…

  • I/O Pins use in ADRV9361 Z7035 -BOB Board


    Can we use P13 And P2 Header pins of ADRV9361 Z7035 BOB Board for user logic? Waiting for your kind response.