• ADRV9361-Z7035+ADRV1CRR-BOB Vivado reference design


    I want develop with board in subject. I have used it sucsessful vith linux on sd card and IIO thru Ethernet to host computer and GNU radio.

    Now I need to improve my work by design somethings with Zynq processor,

    But I have some trouble to find reference…

  • Sending Customized DATA to DAC AD9361 (ADRV9361-Z7035)

    Respected Everyone;

    I want to send customized data via DAC DMA AD9361. I have my own module that processes data . I am using HDL 2019_R1 reference design and ADRV9361-z7035 board. your help and examples if any i will be very thankful

  • I/O Pins use in ADRV9361 Z7035 -BOB Board


    Can we use P13 And P2 Header pins of ADRV9361 Z7035 BOB Board for user logic? Waiting for your kind response.

  • Adding PL2303 & CH341 driver to ADRV9361-z7035 Image


    Dear Sir,

    I want to use module PL2303 & CH341 with ADRV9361-z7035 . I did try but I guessed I need to add driver /or customize kernel image of ADRV9361-z7036 . I am using HDL 2019_R2 and associated zynq image. your help and kind guidance is…

  • ADRV9361-Z7035 Stackup Concerns

    Looking into spinning a board with the ADRV9361 chip - so we're using the ADRV9361-Z7035 eval board as a reference, especially with respect to PCB stackup on the controlled RF impedances.

    The fab notes in the BRD file (Film: fab2) says the following…

  • clk_out in ADRV9361-Z7035+FMC

    I have the ADRV9361-Z7035 + FMC board and I want to use a external reference clock.

    I made the following changes in the no-OS project:

    AD9361_InitParam default_init_param = {

        /* Device selection */

        ID_AD9361,    // dev_sel

        /* Reference Clock */


  • Upgrade GNURADIO on ADRV9361-Z7035+ADRV1CRR-BOB


    I have developed, with succecs, some code in GNUradio on a client PC with UBUNTU where I have installed gr3.8 gr-iio and others tools and modules.

    During my developing, I have started iiod deamon on ADRV9361-Z7035+ADRV1CRR-BOB, and read data on PC…

  • Problem in calculating Peak Search Algorithm for RF Signal targeting ADRV9361-z7035

    Dear All,

    I implemented a peak search algorithm in HDL reference design  targeting platform is ADI ADRV9361-z7035 . Let me first talk about my algorithm.

    1-  I am calculating bin from Xilinx FFT core ( 8192 points ) inserted in ADC path

    2- Then I slice…

  • Add ILA in adrv9361-z7035 no-OS project


    I would like to know how is the correct way to incorporate an IP ILA to the HDL Reference Design.

    In my case, add the ip through the GUI. I then generated the bitstream and exported the hardware adding the bitstream.

    My problem is that when I open…

  • ADRV9361 transceiver ADC Problem


    Hope you are doing well.

    I am trying to implement QPSK modulation on ADRV1-9361-Z7035.

    At transmission side, my signal is modulated correctly giving all four-phase transitions according to data pattern when visualized on ILA as shown in figure…