• dma-axi-dmac module failed to load on adrv9361-z703 (ADRV9361)

    Hi :)

    I have been trying to load analog devices axi-dma driver (from analog devices kernel), but with no luck so far.

    Every time I tried to load it, I got an internal error:

    Unhandled fault: imprecise externel abort (0x406) at 0xbf000000
    pgd = 5be1d2a8…

  • RE: ADRV9361 transceiver ADC Problem

    Did you figure out what's going wrong?

  • RE: external clock in adrv9361-z7035 + fmc

    I have an advr1crr-fmc board where through the SMA J1 connector

    Please remove R22 while providing the clock (1.3 Vpp or 7dBm)

    And in the arv9361-z7035 board schematic I have this:

    The clock selection GPIO needs to…

  • RE: srsRAN eNB stack deployment on ADRV9361-Z7035

    I cannot comment on the processing requirements of this package, but you could control the transceiver directly from either libIIO directly or use SoapySDR.

    Note that the ADRV9361 is just a dual-core ARM A9 at 667 MHz with 1 GB of RAM.


  • RE: change ref clk in adrv9361-z7035

    It’s likely the reference values is being overwritten in u-boot. Here is how you would fix that:

    1. Enter the u-boot menu. This must be done over UART or if you have a keyboard hooked up. When the board is powered on you will see a countdown occur…

  • RE: External reference clock in adrv9361-z7035

    The amplitude should not exceed 1.3V core supply voltage.

    On the lower side it should not go below 800mVpk-pk.

    You can the check the performance with this level to ensure if its acceptable for your system or not. Make sure that the clock is clean and jitter…

  • adrv9361-z7035+fmc with external reference clock


    Before I removed the R22 as instructed in this question 
    https://ez.analog.com/wide-band-rf-transceivers/design-support/f/q-a/549253/external-clock-in-adrv9361-z7035-fmc , I had the Tuning Rx FAILED error. Then I was able to fix this error. Currently…
  • RE: ADRV9361-Z7035 Rev F STEP file

    We don't currently have a full 3D model for ADRV9364-Z7020. We'll work on it in in the following weeks but can't give an exact date.



  • adrv9361 ADC problem


    hope you are doing well.

    i am using ADRV9361 and didn't recvd any value.

  • Multiple ADRV9361 synchronization

    Hello. We are discussing the idea of using multiple ADRV9361's to perform a multi-channel waveform processing. We are wondering if it's possible (and what would be involved) to synchronize multiple ADRV9361's to get them to be completely coherent with…