• ADRV9361-Z7035 License


    I was wondering if Analog Devices provides some sort of single use license for the Vivado software package that allows users to program the Z7035 on the ADRV9361-Z7035 board? Or do we need to purchase the full license through Vivado? Thanks! 


  • ADRV9361-Z7035 airflow

    Hi ADI Apps,

    my customer is using the ADRV9361-Z7035 SOM in an application that is for critical infrastructure & wants to be sure that he is cooling the device appropriately. 

    The AD9361 datasheet claims a maximum junction temperature of 110C, and…

  • ADRV9361-Z7035 SoM no-OS Example


    Could you please guide where no-OS example code can be found for ADRV9361-Z7035 SOM? In the readme file from the HDL repo., it is given as make -C no-OS/adrv9361z7035/ccbob_cmos. But I can't find any adrv9361z7035 folder in the no-OS repo.

  • ADRV9361: Enabling FPGA IP Transmitter (no software buffer to tx) on power-up?

    I have built an IP core in the ADRV9361-Z7020 that transmits a custom waveform. However, on power-up the board will always choose DDS first. Using Python, i wrote a script to command the ADRV9361 to switch from DDS to DMA. The IP core I have written replaces…

  • ADRV9361-Z7035 default MAC address location

    Someone asked by email:


    Where are the Ethernet MAC addresses stored in the ADRV9361-Z7035?


  • RE: Porting USRP E320 design to ADRV9361-z7035

    There are no plans to support E320. NI should have a reference design for the device.


  • RE: ADRV9361-Z7035 LO Frequency Error

    Are you using ADI eval board or custom board? 

    As mentioned above, if you are using crystal oscillator for the REF_clk source, then you can use the internal DCXO tuning to compensate for this drift.

  • adrv9361 ADC problem


    hope you are doing well.

    i am using ADRV9361 and didn't recvd any value.

  • RE: ADRV9361-Z7035 revision F2 and PCB changes: incompatible with previous revisions



    Maybe you can use an FMC extender to fit revision F2 of adrv9361-z7035. Web example.