• RE: ADRV9029 RX path doesn't work

    we solved our issue. Enabled rx side calibrations in TES GUI.

  • ADRV9029 initialization failing with error message "RxPhaseInit:rxqec hw log error"


    While configuring the ADRV9029 we are getting the below error Please let us know what does this error indicates.

    ERROR: adi_adrv9025Board_Dispatch:2167 has failed.
    TRX Phase 2 failed.
    Failed to initialize ADRV9025 Board
    ERROR: ADRV9025 Error number 3…

  • RE: ADRV9029 256 QAM?

    ADRV9029 supports 5G and we have customers using this for 5G Repeater applications having 256QAM. We do not have any collateral that can be shared as this point of time.

  • ADRV9029 CLOCK

    Our board is a motherboard plus daughter board structure. Now we are worried that there will be problems when the clock signal passes through the connector to the RF board. Therefore, the following three clock schemes are considered. Which one is recommended…

  • RE: How to enable Charge trap correction (CTC) in ADRV9029

    This feature will be supported in the upcoming SW releases and not supported by the current released SW.

  • ADRV9029 TES

    I am not able to operate in demo mode, I tried re-installing also. what could be the problem?

  • ADRV9029 custom waveform

    Hello there

     I have a ADRV9029 DEMO board. I want to create a waveform, e.g. NR 200MHz of BW. could you help to advise the detail step of creating the waveform and CFR file?

    many thanks 

  • sync signals about adrv9029

    Adrv9029 has three frames in the uplink direction, corresponding to three pairs of syncin signals, and two frames in the downlink direction, corresponding to two pairs of syncout signals. If the interface is 204b protocol, do these five pairs of signals…

  • ADRV9029 DPD


    To set up DPD using GUI on the ADRV9029, I follow the procedure of the preliminary user guide.

    This indicates that the DPD model files are provided by ADI. Where can I find these files please?

    Thanks in advance

  • ADRV9029 Software -

    Does the Madura ADRV9029 SDK/GUI have the ability to display 1) before/after DPD waveforms, 2) AM/AM and AM/PM and 3) EVM performance like the Mykinos (AD9375) GUI, or is it like Navassa’s SDG/GUI where the user needs an external Signal Analyzer to show…