• ADRV9029 + Xilinx GTY bank - RX path data issue

    Our project need to implement ADRV9029 with Xilinx FPGA using both GTH & GTY Transceiver bank. 
    In case of using GTH, everything is ok. But GTY is have the issue with data of ADRV9029 RX path. 
    Although JESD status report OK (all link in DATA…
  • RE: ADRV9029 Tx Input Sample Rate change

    Not sure we will support 30.72 MHz sampling rate in future or not , need to wait for filter wizard.

    As said before currently you can use only the use case available in GUI - overview.

  • RE: ADRV9029 matching circuit TX chain baluns

    TX1 and TX4, TX2 and TX3, RX1 and RX4, RX2 and RX3, ORX1, ORX2 has different imprdance at BGA reference  plane of ADRV9025. Hence the matching is also different.

  • ADRV9029 IBIS-ami files


    There are IBIS models in the adrv9029-design-file-package, but they do not describe the high speed (25Gbps) ports of the adrv9029.

    To develop your own board, IBIS-ami files are needed which describing these ports.

    Is it possible to get a project…

  • RE: ADRV9029 DPD configuration.


    Thanks for your quick response.

    We are having separate individual scripts for initialisation of ADRV9029, CFR and DPD. And our sequence of initialisation is as below.

    1 - Initialising ADRV9029 and transmitting base band signal.

    2- Initialising CFR…

  • ADRV9029 TES

    I am not able to operate in demo mode, I tried re-installing also. what could be the problem?

  • ADRV9029 kit on Intel A10 SoC kit


    I would like to simulate adrv9029 on a10 soc kit.

    The Agent give us an adrv9025 reference project based on a10 soc kit.

    I refer to the ADRV902X GUI Troubleshooting Guide.

    But I have few questions about adrv9029 with evaluation board.

    1. I can't find…

  • ADRV9029 DPD


    To set up DPD using GUI on the ADRV9029, I follow the procedure of the preliminary user guide.

    This indicates that the DPD model files are provided by ADI. Where can I find these files please?

    Thanks in advance

  • Questions about Power circuit design of ADRV9026/ADRV9029 using Feritte beads


    My customer decides to use ADRV9026 in their system.

    So they are reviewing your reference schematic now.

    During reviewing ADRV9026 EVM schematic, they found many beads are used in this schematic.

    So they want to get your advices about using  Feritte…

  • ADRV9029 Software -

    Does the Madura ADRV9029 SDK/GUI have the ability to display 1) before/after DPD waveforms, 2) AM/AM and AM/PM and 3) EVM performance like the Mykinos (AD9375) GUI, or is it like Navassa’s SDG/GUI where the user needs an external Signal Analyzer to show…