• ADRV9026-MB not working with "ADRV9026 Released Software Package SW2.0.0.16"


    We are implemented Xilinx JESD204b core in our FPGA firmware and communicating with "ADRV9025-HB" where the software is provided by ADI for ADRV9026 (“ADRV9026 Released Software Package SW2.0.0.16").

    But now we have a new product…

  • ADRV9026-PCBZ + ADS9, failed to read ADRV9026-PCBZ

    Hi EZ experts,

    We deployed ADRV9026-PCBZ + ADS9 to PC.

    PC got ADS9 but failed to read ADRV9026-PCBZ.

    We suspect the reason is some problem in the IIC EEPROM on ADRV9026-PCBZ.

    We would like to refresh the IIC EEPROM. Could you guys teach us how to do so?


  • RE: adrv9026 phase synchronization

    Yes,We read the MCS status is 0x17 and all clock and sysref is boot to boot stable.

    We set LO frequency  is the Integer of SYSREF,everytime we start up phase is stably.

    So now we set LO frequency  conform to our application.

  • ADRV9026 ACLR Typical Performance


    I have a question regarding the ADRV9026 TX ACLR performance. The data sheet quotes numbers for 20MHz LTE waveform at -12dBFs.

    1) Is the -12dBFs the complex I+Q back-off setpoint?

    2) What is the waveform envelope PAPR?

    3) The ACLR numbers range…

  • RE: ADRV9026 Problem with digitised samples

    Thank you for your help.

    I have tracked the issue down to a bug in our FPGA. For some reason the FPGA would incorrectly detect an 8b/10b comma character in the stream from the ADRV shortly after changing power. I'm not sure why this happens as this shouldn…

  • ADRV9026 EVB Schematic


    I know the difference between "ADRV9026-EVB_Schematic_HB-Match" and "ADRV9026-EVB_Schematic_MB-Match" is that they have different frequency ranges.

    In the circuit diagrams of "ADRV9026-EVB_Schematic_HB-Match" and "ADRV9026-EVB_Schematic_MB…

  • ADRV9026

    ADRV9026 evaluation board need FPGA motherboard ADS9-V2EBZ which must be connected to the PC through ethernet. API calls are generated by the PC which is used to program the ADRV9026.
    We have few queries:
    1.    Instead of displaying the receiver signal on…

  • ADRV9026 FramerTestData


    I am currently testing the adi_adrv9025_FramerTestDataSet api, using injectPoint = FRAMERINPUT.

    I have tested the possible sources:

    CHECKERBOARD seems to work fine getting I=Q=0b1010 1010…

  • ADRV9026 Typical ACLR Performanc


    My team is interested in understanding the typical ACLR performance for ADR9026 Quad Transceiver. In data sheet reports the performance for 20MHz LTE waveform at -12dBFs.

    1) Is the -12dBFs the DAC I+Q setpoint, i.e. is it -15dBFs per I and per…

  • ADRV9026 USE CASE问题

    我们使用ADRV9026,如果使用USE CASE 90 nonlinksharing,RX BW是100MHz。是能正常使用的。

    但是当我想要使用USE CASE 51 nonlinksharing,ADRV9026连初始化都过不了,固件都是通过ADRV9025 Transceiver Evaluation Software_x64_FULL 这个软件生成的。