• ADRV9009 does not enumerate axi-adrv9009-tx-hpc and axi-adrv9009-rx-hpc during boot

    STEP 1:

    Using the ADRV9009 evaluation board with a ZCU102 carrier, I was able to port the example Vivado project to Petalinux. I am using the ADI kernel in Petalinux so that I have access to all the ADI IIO device drivers and libraries. This boots successfully…

  • ADRV9009 control in "ADRV9009 + ZCU102"


    I use ADRV9009 and ZCU102.

    I control the ADRV9009 via the IIO Oscilloscope.

    But can I adjust the sample rate for the ADRV9009 on an IIO oscilloscope? (Rx path)

    I need tuning for 30.72 / 61.44 / 122.88 / 245.76MHz and Data Capture for it.


  • RE: ADRV9009 MCS

    A few things -

    Regarding HMC7044 RESEED phase alignment.

    Can you cherry-pick the two top commits.


    commit f5ef1c6df42d80a174db579d4c89d502d79f10f7 (HEAD -> master, origin/fix…

  • DisplayPort output of ADRV9009 SOM (adrv9009-zu11eg)

    I have the ADRV9009 SOM, and can boot up and run IIOscope remotely.  However, I'd also like to use the DisplayPort video output.  I've connected a monitor, and USBC keyboard/mouse.  I've also run these commands, per  https://wiki.analog.com/resources…

  • ADRV9009 4T4R non-OS example to sync multiple ADRV9009


    My Customer is working on sync 2 ADRV9009 with Non-OS examples from Git. It worked well one by one. But could not sync correctly with two parts together, always the second one failed setup. Do you have some 4T4R initialization examples Non-OS…

  • setting aux_lo for obs rx in adrv9009

    I'd like to use aux_lo for obs rx channel in adrv9009.

    I set it with commands in linux

    cd /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device3

    echo OBS_AUX_LO > in_voltage2_rf_port_select

    echo 2000000000 > out_altvoltage0_TRX_LO_frequency                                 #setting…

  • Altera HDL reference for 4x Adrv9009 (at least 2x Adrv9009) ?

    Hi ,

    I want to know the newest update regarding of "Altera HDL" to support 4xAdrv9009" (at least to support 2x Adrv9009)  from ADi support teeam?  What's the current status about this feature? 

    If it's available somewhere, which would…

  • ADRV9009 SPI initial error: adrv9009 spi32766.1: ERROR: 1: ADIHAL: SPI Failure

    I am using zcu102+adrv9009. When booted from SD using the given linux, sometimes the adrv9009 can not initial succussfully, chocked the SPI processing, showing errors below. Sometimes it goes OK and the ADRV9009 can work exactly. What is the wrong?

  • ADRV9009 + Altera Arria10 SoCFPGA, device adrv9009 is not found with the command "iio_info"

    Hello, I am encountering a problem that device adrv9009 is not found with the command "iio_info", only ad9528 is listed. From the kernal log, I can find some error info related to adrv9009:

    [    2.265635] adrv9009 spi32766.1: adrv9009_do_setup…

  • ADRV9009 + A10Soc, “adrv9009-iiostream” fails to generate playback signal on TX Port

    Hi  ,

    I use github libiio master branch as code base, I want to use "./adrv9009-iiostream.c" to playback my own LTE 20MHZ signal on AD9009 TX port.

    Unfortunately there's no LTE signal seen on AD9009 TX RF port. 

    The file is correct beca…