• RE: "System on Module"

    The attached prelim details should help answer the questions.

  • RE: Profile loading using iio-oscilloscope throwing error "Failed to load Profile using selected file"

    adrv9009 spi32766.1: ADIHAL_resetHw at index
    [ 2739.986391] adrv9009 spi32766.1: ADIHAL_resetHw at index
    [ 2762.591664] adrv9009 spi32766.1: ERROR: 241: TALISE_waitArmCmdStatus() failed due to thrown ARM error. ARM time out
    [ 2762.602112] adrv9009 spi32766…

  • RE: Spidevice not visible in /dev

    If you want to control the ADRV9009 only through it's SPI interface from Linux user space using spidev -

    Take a look at the No-OS driver here: https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/no-OS/tree/master/projects/adrv9009/src

    You would be using the API files…

  • ADRV9009 + Altera Arria10 SoCFPGA, device adrv9009 is not found with the command "iio_info"

    Hello, I am encountering a problem that device adrv9009 is not found with the command "iio_info", only ad9528 is listed. From the kernal log, I can find some error info related to adrv9009:

    [    2.265635] adrv9009 spi32766.1: adrv9009_do_setup…

  • Two ADRV9009 EVAL Boards on ZCU102

    Hi Support,

    I want to use two ADRV9009 Eval Boards on ZCU102.

    ZCU102 has two FMC(HPC) connectors.

    Is it possible to run two ADRV9009 Eval Boards?

    Synchronization of  data between two ADRV9009 chips will be OK?

    Best Regards.


  • Using ADRV9009 Eval Board with ZCU111

    We purchased the ADRV9009 eval board to test with for a new project. However, we aren't able to buy the ZCU102 evaluation kit with it.  We do have access to the ZCU111 evaluation kit. Can the ADRV9009 eval board be used with the ZCU111? If so, should…

  • Circuit with two ADRV9009


    I have a question about ADRV9009:

    Can I use only one util_adxcvr and one axi_adrv9009 to control 2 ADRV9009 chip? or I need to multiply them and set each pair to be only TX/RX?

    One of ADRV9009 chip gonna be only TX and the other gonna be only RX for…

  • ADRV9009 using ALTERA FPGA

    We consider using ALTERA FPGA for the ADRV9009.

    Is there any option for this?