Hi Team-ADI,

    We are trying to interface ADRV9008-1W/PCBZ and ADRV9008-2W/PCBZ on HPC0 and HPC1 connector of ZCU102.

    We have brought out two spi's from processor and generated bitstream succesfully.

    We need your help with reference to configuration…

  • ADRV9008-2 Linux DTB Configuration

    We are trying to integrate the ADRV9008-2 Linux kernel driver into our platform
    and find the 290+ configurations in the DTB file overwhelming, is there a way to simplify this process ?

    Also is there an integration guide to help with this ?

  • 2019_R2, ADRV9008-2, and ZCU102


    I would like to know, if the 23 February 2021 release candidate (2019_R2) of the Linux image is supposed to fully support ADRV9008-2 on ZCU102 yet.

    I have only limited success so far. The ADTV9008-2 is recognized, but ORX has only one I/Q channel…


    Query 1: Is it fine if we don't use SYNCIN0+,SYNCIN0- and SYNCIN1+,SYNCIN1- pins?

    If you are not using any of the Framers you dont require to connect the same.

    Orx path is required to run the Tx Ext LoL init and tracking calibrations…

  • Questions about ADRV9008-2 ORX path

    My customer asks if it is possible to use the ORX Path of ADRV9008-2 as the RX path.

    The reason is that I want to use RX BW at 400MHz, but BW of ADRV9008-1 is only available at 200MHz.

    If that is not possible, please explain why it is not possible.


  • Overwhelming number of DTB Configurations for ADRV9008-2

    Hi All ,
    We are trying to integrate the ADRV9008-2 Linux kernel driver into our platform.
    We were able to complete the basic SPI and GPIO configuration in the DTB
    and performed an SPI read to get the chip id matching ADRV9008-2.

    After this we see 290+ other…

  • Design Support ADRV9008-1/ADRV9008-2/ADRV9009

    EngineerZone technical forum that provides customer support for Analog Devices Design Support FOR ADRV9008-1/ADRV9008-2/ADRV9009 products.
  • Design Support ADRV9008-1/ ADRV9008-2/ADRV9009

    Analog Devices’ portfolio of high performance, highly integrated RF Agile Transceiver ICs combine an RF front end, integrated frequency synthesizers, and a flexible mixed-signal base-band section to form a complete radio for software-defined radio …

  • SDR using adrv9008-1/2

    Good morning,

    I would like to make a small SDR using adrv9008-1/2 eval-bards and EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3.

    What I understood until now is that I shall use the SD card attached with adrv9008-1/2 eval-bards in the EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3 and ADI Matlab toolbox or TES GUI…

  • ADRV9008-1 and ADRV9008-2 SPI interface(SPI_DOUT) with FPGA

    In our design we have common SPI interface with respective chip selects for ADRV9008-1(VDD_INTERFACE=1.8V),

    ADRV9008-2((VDD_INTERFACE=1.8V),AD9528(VDD=3.3V) and AD9545(VDD=1.8V).

    We have ADRV9008-1,ADRV9008-2,AD9528 and AD9545 all in 1 board. We have…