Hello Adrian!!!

    Thanks so much for all the guidance regarding HDL. Also i would like to thank buha for helping in getting no-os project with code segregation between ADRV9008-1 and ADRV9008-2. This was really helpful while doing no-os for both ADC and…

  • Does ADRV9008-1, ADRV9008-2 support MC-GSM?

    1. Does ADRV9008-1, ADRV9008-2 support MC-GSM. ?
  • searching for starting point for zcu102 + adrv9008-2

    Hi All,

    I have been working more than a week trying to find a start point from a No-OS project.

    I installed multiple vivado and SDK versions and downloaded many HDL and no OS releases but always having issue from no where.

    Could you please recommend a…

  • Fast Frequency Hopping using ADRV9009/ ADRV9008-1/ ADRV9008-2

    We have seen in demo video/forum links mentioned ADRV9009/ ADRV9008-1/ ADRV9008-2 supports Fast Frequency Hopping application.

    1. What is the typical LO and QEC settling time in during Fast Frequency hopping for Tx and Rx paths?

    2. Is there any test…

  • How to use ADRV9009 as ADRV9008-2?

    Is it possible to use ADRV9009 as a ADRV9008-2?

    ADRV9009 firmware does not allow RX1 and RX2 to be turned off and use all JESD204 lanes just for ORX.

    However the ADRV9008-2 does not have this limitation.

    Is there a way to configure ADRV9009 to act as…

  • ZCU102 linux boot problem with adrv9008-2


    I'm following this wiki :


    I downloaded 28 July 2021 release candidate (2019_R2)

    then I the following files to the root of BOOT partition (F:\):


  • ADRV9008-2 Linux DTB Configuration

    We are trying to integrate the ADRV9008-2 Linux kernel driver into our platform
    and find the 290+ configurations in the DTB file overwhelming, is there a way to simplify this process ?

    Also is there an integration guide to help with this ?

  • ADRV9008-2 evaluation kit and prototyping kit

    It's possible to use the ZC706 instead of EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3 to evaluate the ADRV9008-2 or it's really necessary to have a platform with higher speed grade? What are the main differences between prototyping and evaluation platform ?

  • Questions about ADRV9008-2 ORX path

    My customer asks if it is possible to use the ORX Path of ADRV9008-2 as the RX path.

    The reason is that I want to use RX BW at 400MHz, but BW of ADRV9008-1 is only available at 200MHz.

    If that is not possible, please explain why it is not possible.


  • Design Support ADRV9008-1/ADRV9008-2/ADRV9009

    EngineerZone technical forum that provides customer support for Analog Devices Design Support FOR ADRV9008-1/ADRV9008-2/ADRV9009 products.