• RE: JESD204B TX-Link status is always in "CGS" and SYNC is always in "assertion"

    Until we figure out what's wrong with the generated profile, I've moved the thread to TES GUI & Software support ADRV9009/ADRV9008-1/ADRV9008-2 section.


  • Developing for ADRV9008-1+ADRV9008-2 using ADRV9371

    We will be using ADRV9008-1 + ADRV9008-2 for product development and were trying to determine if we can use the our existing ADRV9371-W/PCB evaluation boards to do initial development.

    The plan is to port our existing custom RF receiver, transmitter and…

  • Design Support ADRV9008-1/ADRV9008-2/ADRV9009

    EngineerZone technical forum that provides customer support for Analog Devices Design Support FOR ADRV9008-1/ADRV9008-2/ADRV9009 products.
  • Design Support ADRV9008-1/ ADRV9008-2/ADRV9009

    Analog Devices’ portfolio of high performance, highly integrated RF Agile Transceiver ICs combine an RF front end, integrated frequency synthesizers, and a flexible mixed-signal base-band section to form a complete radio for software-defined radio …

  • RE: what is these pins function of ADRV9008-1/-2?

    • G9      RF_SYNTH_VTUNE
    • P1       AUX_SYNTH_VTUNE

    These pins are set as output and are used for debugging purposes. They are used to check the VCO tune voltages of the corresponding VCO's



  • Is ADRV9009 pin compatible with ADRV9008-1/2?

    1. Is ADRV9009 pin compatible with ADRV9008-1/2? Can I use two ADRV9009 instead of ADRV9008-1 and ADRV9008-2  for FDD application ? 
  • Interference on ObsRx ADRV9008-2

    Hello, I am using development board ADRV9008-2W/PCBZ together with VC707. I am writing in VC707 custom design, i use API v. and firmware v6.0.2. The transmitter path is working correct. Im now measuring ObsRx path. When the input of ObsRx is not connected…

  • RE: Frequency Hopping Time for ADRV9026

    You shall refer to ADRV9009, ADRV9008-1, ADRV9008-2.

  • ADRV9008-2 power consumption 1TX


    Is it possible to activate only one TX chanel of the ADRV9008-2? If so, what is the power consumption of the device (with the observation receiver enable)?

    Thank you,