• RE: ZC706+ADRV9002: SPI probe for ADRV9002 failed

    Hi travis,

    Can you please provide documentation on differentiating B0 and C0 versions silicon of navassa-adrv9002.

    Following the link you have provided, the prebuilt images provided here:http://swdownloads.analog.com/cse/tmp/B0_2019_r2_pre_release_zcu102…

  • ADRV9002 shift frequency

    Hi, experts and friends:

    I want  fulfill a job with one single ADRV9002.

    RX1 received up 3Ghz, and the signal will be  shifted to Zero Intermediate Frequency with RX1_LO,  then the signal will be shifted to 800Mhz with TX1_LO

    RX2 received  800Mhz, and the…

  • ADRV9002 DPD evaluation

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to evaluate the DPD as performed in the user guide shown in figure below

    On the TX signal path, by default the CW signal and 2-tone signal can be generated. In order to evaluate the DPD I generated a baseband  multicarrier or…

  • ADRV9002 boot issues with ZCU102


    I'm trying to use the TES evaluation software build for the ADRV9002 on a ZCU102.  I built a fresh SD image (I didn't use the preloaded SD card that comes with the evaluation kit because it appears to only support the ZC706 and was not working for…

  • ADRV9002 driver hang on FH enable


    We are using the ADRV9002 with a custom board and are attempting to use the frequency hopping feature.  The driver we are using is the one contained in the adrv9002 kernel branch - some very minor porting work was required to bring this into our…

  • ADRV9002 maximum output sample rate


    Does the ADRV9002 support output sample rate of 62.5MHz ?

    The datasheet (Table 20) mentions 61.44MHz for I and Q data sample rate in LLSI 2-lane data mode.

    Nevertheless, 62.5MHz can be set as a valid configuration with the ADRV9001 Evaluation Software…

  • ADRV9002 CLGC activation sequence

    Hi AD experts;

    With TES, the CLGC is functionnal (except the slow convergence with DPD). But on our plateform, the CLGC get freezed after 5s of activation.

    We use this sequence, coudl you confirm that is the correct one?


  • zcu102 adrv9002 no-os error

    Hello experts,

    I'm working on no-OS sample for adrv9002 on zcu102 platform.

    I could compile the source code, but some error occurred when I executed it.

    The versions are as follows:

    ADRV9002 Rev 12.0, Firmware API version: 48.49.2


  • ADRV9002 Custom profile sythesis


    Is there a document that explain in details the rules and boundaries of custom profile synthesis for ADRV9002 ? 


    Ovidiu .

  • IIO Scope software tool with ADRV9002

    The main question that we have is why the ADRV9002 appears to be operating in 12-bit mode when using TX. More broadly, it'd be helpful if we had a way to read back a profile from IIOScope to get configuration settings.

    We are observing transmit distortion…