• RE: Can ADI's provide ADRF6850 debugging software for me?

    You can download the ADRF6850 evaluation board control software here: ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/evalcd/ADRF6850/

    This software generates and controls the ADRF6850 registers through the SPI interface.

  • ADRF6850 GERBER Files

    Dear Sir/madam,

    Now we need gerber file for ADRF6850 IQ demodulator ic.This is required for our ground receiver project.Kindly send the gerber file ADRF6850.

    Thanks very much!



  • RE: I got a question about ADRF6850 & AD9265 interface circuit

    Hi Sarah,

    The ADRF6850 will function with an output common mode level of 0.9V. But it is not supported by the datasheet and so will degrade some of the datasheet specifications such as P1dB. The typical output swing of the ADRF6850 is 2.5V p-p. With…

  • RE: ADRF6655和ADRF6850的Gerber文件

    the Gerber file for ADRF6850

  • I use ADRF6850 encountered problems.

    1. Hello. I use ADRF6850 encountered problems:

    I use the microcontroller write control word,ADRF6850 was not able to lock to set frequency.

    But using ADRF6850_SPI_Rev2.vi debugging software, it can be locked to the set frequency .

    I have done this…

  • ADRF6850 baseband bandwidth

    Hello, we would know if the ADRF6850 max baseband bandwidth of 250 MHz in wideband mode is referred to each one of I or Q single outputs (and so the total available bandwidth in I/Q mode is 500 MHz) or it is referred to both outputs overall (i.e. the…

  • RE: Noise Figure ADRF6850

    The specified differential offset voltage on the baseband outputs of the ADRF6850 is +/-20 mV.

  • RE: How to use TESTLO Inputs of ADRF6850?

    H Sascha

    The ADRF6850 does not support using an external LO.



  • RE: ADRF6850 sensitive (RFI pin 51,55).

    Hi Vladimir,

    The sensitivity of the ADRF6850 depends on your system bandwidth and the noise figure of the part (provided in datasheet).



  • How to convert ADRF6850 IQ output to single-ended

    Hi Sir,

    I will be using ADRF6850 Eval baord connecting to an external PCIe ADC card with 4 single-ended inputs. I realize that ADRF6850 IQ output has IBB, IBB#, QBB, QBB# . Can you provide circuit the transfer the IBB and IBB# to one single-ended output…