• ADRF6821


    I found no information in a datasheet on LO_LCKDT pin. What voltage levels are presented, I mean logic high and logic low? What circuit should I interface LO_LCKDT pin with? Also, it was mentioned in a datasheet that a manual VCO calibration is…

  • problem in using ADRF6821 EVAL with the ACE


    I have a problem in using ADRF6821 EVAL with the ACE。

    I connect  the EVAL board to PC by SDP-S, then start the ACE。

    The screen shows up:

    the software cannot detect the ADRF6821 EVAL even after installing the plug-in:

    I installed the ACE software…

  • RE: ADRF6821 operating @ 3GHz ?

    Hi H.M.,

    The concern with exceeding datasheet limits on frequency is the potential to exceed tuning range of the internal VCO for the LO, and exceeding the bandwidth of the input balun on the RF input.  This is not a condition we can guarantee or support…

  • ADRF6821 EVAL with ACE Software?

    Hey our Engineers 

    I have ADRF6821 Eval Board and  SDP-S board to communicate between the ADRF6821 and the ACE software.

    I installed the ACE software on Windows7 and added the attached file in the forum furthermore, supplied the…

  • ADRF6821

    How to generate 2.4 GHZ from ADRF6821 ?

  • ADRF6821

    How to generate 2.4 GHZ from ADRF6821 ?

  • Installing ADRF6821-Eval Board plug in


    I recently bought the ADRF6821-EVAL board, and tried to connect it to the ACE software. However, the software could not detect the board (displaying "no daughter board detected") since I did not install the plugin yet. I was able to obtain the so…

  • RE: How to use ADRF6821 EVAL with ACE Software?

    ACE Software is not installed on my window 10 why?

    If anyone face printer issue like Printer In Error State   then click on. 

  • RE: Can the ADRF6821-EVALZ evaluation kit connect to a vector network analyzer

    You could measure the reflection coefficients (S11, S22, etc) with a VNA, but you'll need to use a signal generator and spectrum analyzer to measure the transmission spec, i.e. conversion gain, because one port is at RF and the I and Q ports are at baseband…

  • [ADRF6821_ Evalz] IF output frequency ?

    Hi everyone,
    I have one question. 
    My application use RF/LO frequency: 400MHz-2.4Ghz and IF frequency: 100Khz-1MHz.
    I have researched the ADRF6821, it is suitable my application. 
    However, I really confused the minimum IF frequency when I use the ADRV6821 evaluation…