• ADRF6821 output


    I have two questions about ADRF6821.

    First, what is the use of DACs that are internally attached?

    Second, how to determine the output power level provided from ADRF6821?

    If I wanna use the ADRF6821 in my receiver system that should provide a sensitivity…

  • RE: ADRF6821 demodulation bandwidth


    I don't see any reference in the datasheet or on the product page that calls out a 3dB BW of 1GHz. The modulation BW of the ADRF6821 should be the same as the 3dB BW. Sorry for the confusion.
    Warm Regards,
  • ADRF6821-EVALZ

    I have installed ACE, set up the ADRF6821-EVALZ board, connected to it sucessfully - the status line shows 'State=Good, ADRF6821'

    I've set up as instructed in the User Guide, setting REFIN and 2XLO, then clicked PLL Adjust and Set Enables, but…

  • ADRF6821

    How to generate 2.4 GHZ from ADRF6821 ?

  • ADRF6821

    How to generate 2.4 GHZ from ADRF6821 ?

  • ADRF6821

    Hello, does the ADRF6821 chip work down to around 190 MHz? Do you have data at lower frequencies? Thanks 

  • ADRF6821


    I found no information in a datasheet on LO_LCKDT pin. What voltage levels are presented, I mean logic high and logic low? What circuit should I interface LO_LCKDT pin with? Also, it was mentioned in a datasheet that a manual VCO calibration is…

  • ADRF6821 operating @ 3GHz ?

    Hi,  I have an application that could use ADRF6821 to get the baseband I/Q data.  But the RF is 3GHz which is just a little outside of the 2.8GHz spec of ADRF6821.  My question for the experts @ ADI is what would happen if I try to run the device @ 3GHz…

  • ADRF6821 EVAL with ACE Software?

    Hey our Engineers 

    I have ADRF6821 Eval Board and  SDP-S board to communicate between the ADRF6821 and the ACE software.

    I installed the ACE software on Windows7 and added the attached file in the forum furthermore, supplied the…

  • ADRF6821 2xLO frequency is not as expected.

    I am using the ADRF6821 with a REF in of 10 MHz and set it's up with internal VCO. The intended freq at the LO-out pin should be 900 MHz. This is according the datasheet the minimum that's possible. This set-up was working on the evaluation board + GUI…