• adrf6821 questions about the data sheet parameters

    I have several questions regarding specifications in the data sheet.

    Modulation bandwidth in Table 2 says 500MHz - is this RF or baseband bandwidth?

    Table 15, for pin 7 talks about a balun tuning inductor for balun optimization but there is no other reference…

  • Problem with ADRF6821 I/Q demodulator registers


    I have a problem when trying to program the ADRF6821. I am using the STM32f103 to modify the registers through the SPI.
    I am wondering if any one can help me with the correct register writing sequence, as it is not clear in the datasheet.


  • RE: ADRF6821-EVALZ & ACE on Ubuntu

    this issue has been solved via email exchange

  • ADRF6821 demodulation bandwidth

    The website shows ADRF6821 Freq BB 3dB BW is 1GHz, and its datasheet shows the demodulation bandwidth is 500MHz.

    Then I have a question, dose Freq BB 3dB BW mean baseband width?dose ADRF6821 can process the RF signal of 1GHz bandwidth to I/Q baseband signal…

  • ADRF6821 output


    I have two questions about ADRF6821.

    First, what is the use of DACs that are internally attached?

    Second, how to determine the output power level provided from ADRF6821?

    If I wanna use the ADRF6821 in my receiver system that should provide a sensitivity…

  • ADRF6821 EVAL, green l.e.d. doesn't light. So PLL not working? No output!

     I've pressed all the right buttons on the ACE GUI. Fref=100MHz which I checked on my oscilloscope. (spec is 10 to 250MHz)

    What to do?

  • ADRF6821 RF input selection pins pull-up or down?

    In the ADRF6821 datasheet RevA, Table 10 p20, there is a list of possible pin settings to select the RF input defaults for pins 9 & 10 RF_SEL0 and RF_SEL_1. Some of the entries show X for "don't care". Is there a preferred way to do this…

  • ADRF6821-EVALZ

    I have installed ACE, set up the ADRF6821-EVALZ board, connected to it sucessfully - the status line shows 'State=Good, ADRF6821'

    I've set up as instructed in the User Guide, setting REFIN and 2XLO, then clicked PLL Adjust and Set Enables, but…

  • ADRF6821 2xLO frequency is not as expected.

    I am using the ADRF6821 with a REF in of 10 MHz and set it's up with internal VCO. The intended freq at the LO-out pin should be 900 MHz. This is according the datasheet the minimum that's possible. This set-up was working on the evaluation board + GUI…

  • ADRF6821

    Hello, does the ADRF6821 chip work down to around 190 MHz? Do you have data at lower frequencies? Thanks