• ADRF6820

    Hi all,

    is there an example how to program the ADRF6820 for a given frequency. I tried to do but the PLL does not lock.

    When understood correct,i only beed to change the LO frequency , steprate and reference freq. in the Eval-GUI, but

    as sayed PLL…

  • RE: about ADRF6820

    Hi Darrell,

    We did some tests with ADRF6820 EVB and found the IQ amplitude level was not big enough. Could you help to check our test result, as attached file, that it is reasonable or not. 

    Due to our base-band platform is differential IQ port with 50R…

  • working with ADRF6820-EVALZ + ADRF6820 Customer Evaluation Software.

    Hi, RF and Microwave Team!

    Could you please help us with question about ADRF6820-EVALZ?

    Now we are working with ADRF6820-EVALZ + ADRF6820 Customer Evaluation Software.

    And there are some problems:

    1. According to technical documentation ADRF6820 has…

  • RE: I'll use ADRF6820 as demodulator. Somobody can help me to model it on ADISIMRF?

    Hello dindon,

    First make sure you Toggle Tx/Rx and change the mode to Receive. Afterwards, you can find ADRF6820 model under Device --> IQ-DmodPll --> ADRF6820



  • ADRF6820 for zero-IF receiver

    Hello all,

         I plan to use ADRF6820 as the de-modulator for a zero-IF recevier.I use the ADRF6702 as the modulator to generate the RF signal to test ADRF6820.The sheme is shown as below:

          As you see,I used a oscilloscope which is connected to the…

  • RE: Rf to I/Q converter for ISM band

    You can probably use the ADRF6820. It has analog I/Q outputs

  • ADRF6820 and ADRF6720


    I'm testing a system made by a chain of ADRF6720 and ADRF6820 with a modulator with I/Q source (TX) and a demodulator with I/Q receiver, Here the scheme

    PLL oscillator are ok for both adrf6720 and adrf6820. Upconverted signal semms to be…

  • RE: ADRF6820 enable time

    Hi Alberto,

    Unfortunately, we do not have data for the HW enable switching time.

    Best regards,


  • ADRF6820 and ADRF6720 reference clock

    Could you please suggest an ADI device to provide the PLL reference signal for the ADRF6820 demodulator and ADRF6720 modulator?


  • Displaying ADRF6820 frequency plots

    I downloaded the eval board SW for ADRF6820 and having problems with displaying all the options. I checked the driver and it seems it is up to date. I cannot see the RF frequency blocks ( just like the one in the ADRF6820 user guide) but it seems I can…