• working with ADRF6820-EVALZ + ADRF6820 Customer Evaluation Software.

    Hi, RF and Microwave Team!

    Could you please help us with question about ADRF6820-EVALZ?

    Now we are working with ADRF6820-EVALZ + ADRF6820 Customer Evaluation Software.

    And there are some problems:

    1. According to technical documentation ADRF6820 has…

  • ADRF6820

    Hi all,

    is there an example how to program the ADRF6820 for a given frequency. I tried to do but the PLL does not lock.

    When understood correct,i only beed to change the LO frequency , steprate and reference freq. in the Eval-GUI, but

    as sayed PLL…

  • about ADRF6820


    1. What is the function of  "PWRDWN" switch on evaluation board?? No matter "PWRDWN" is pull high or pull low, ADRF6820 still working.

    2. When using internal LO,

        RFIN : 1900MHz, 0dBm, CW tone

        REFIN : 153.6MHz, 0dBm, CW tone

        LO set…

  • ADRF6820 enable time


    which is the demodulator enable time using the external enable signal?

    I'm assuming the register 0x10 is configured so that to exclusively control the demodulator block and keeping the PLL ON?




  • ADRF6820 IP1dB vs attenuation


    do you have any data of IP1dB vs digital step attenuator level for the ADRF6820 demodulator @ 900 MHz?



  • ADRF6820初始化


  • ADRF6820 and ADRF6720


    I'm testing a system made by a chain of ADRF6720 and ADRF6820 with a modulator with I/Q source (TX) and a demodulator with I/Q receiver, Here the scheme

    PLL oscillator are ok for both adrf6720 and adrf6820. Upconverted signal semms to be…

  • ADRF6820 MUX Pin?

    With respect to the ADRF6820, can someone provide a definition of the MUX pin functions?  Some are obvious, but others are not.  How about an updated datasheet?


  • Reg ADRF6820 IC

    Hi We are working out the plan for the developmen of QPSK and 8 PSK demodulators for 480 MHz band width (Base band data) and carrier frequency (IF) of 720 MHz. The ADRF6820 IC felt meets the zero IF concersion requirement but in confusion, how to use…

  • ADRF6820 frequency problem


    I have an official adrf6820  evaluation board. Regarding configuration software, I downloaded the official software from analog website