• ADRF6806


    I am currently using ADRF6806 eval board.

    My RF input is 144.5MHz, and an LO of 140MHz.  When I measure the Single-ended baseband output of the balun at the power meter taken at different input level, I get the following values:

    @ -10dBm input…

  • ADRF6806


    I want to use ADRF6806 for demodulation of QPSK modulated IF at 70Mhz and symbole rate is 8.448Mbps.

    is there any application note or how to start on it.

    i have ordered the EVAL board.

    with regards


  • ADRF6806






  • ADI's Demodulator : AD8348 & ADRF6806


    關於AD8348 demodulator中的LO輸入端,此LO頻率與相位的同步(與發射端LO的頻率與相位同步)

    是使用者需要自行製作carrier recovery的電路, 或是於AD8348中有電路會自動修正頻率與相位的誤差,


    同上,ADRF6806 demodulators with integrated LO 這顆demodulator 其中也有LO輸入端

    是否使用者不需要考慮carrier recovery的問題…

  • ADRF6806 software issue

    why ADRF6806 software can't be open after setup?

  • ADRF6806 software problem

    • I had a problem with ADRF6806 , My driver installed successfully, Why don't the registers configured by the software burn on the evaluation board?

  • ADRF6806 Software problem

    The reference signal is input at 20 MHZ and written through SPI. Why can't the signal of REFOUT be tested?Is it because the software configuration register was not written in that the MUX channel was not opened?

    I don't know why ADRF6806 cannot be…

  • ADRF6806 Reference Ocillator Questions


    I am planning on using the ADRF6806.   With respect to the REFIN oscillator input, I have some questions:

    Data sheet specificies a 1Vpp nominal reference oscillator input.

    1. For the ADRF6806 - Clipped sinewave vs pure sinewave oscillator input,…

  • ADRF6806解调器


  • QPSK receiver Design using ADRf6806


    I am trying to use ADRF 6806 for QPSk demodulation.

    I am able to convert qpsk modulated signal to analog base band using adrf6806.

    Now i am looking that how to synchronize carrier and recover the data in digital domain.

    Because adrf6806 is down…