• ADRF6780


    I need to get information regarding the detector sequence in page 23 (RevD) of the ADRF6780 datasheet:

    1. For the step 5:

    During the 200 us waiting window , may the power not be fixed ? the power will be constant or stable only after the 200 us…

  • ADRF6780

    Dear Sir,

    About ADRF6780, It's IF frequency range is from 0.8GHz to 3.5GHz. If IF frequency is 5GHz, the results may be similiar with  0.8GHz to 3.5GHz?  If ADRF6780 still works, when IF frequency is 5GHz? THanks very much!

  • ADRF6780

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wonder the  output power of ADRF6780 refers to single -ended or differential output output ;   whether or not the REG need save after Powerdown ;
  • ADRF6780 - revision?

    Hi, I have some problem to achieve declared conversion gain of ADRF6780. There is in the decription of the Control register that after reset it should have value 0x0075, which means chip ID=7 and revision=5.

    In my case, there is value 0x0076, which means…

  • ADRF6780 alarms

    Hi, I wonder what does Too Few Errors and Too Many Errors  in the Alarm readback register mean. There is no expalanation in the datasheet.


  • ADRF6780 phase accuracy bits

    Dear ADI,

    "The ADRF6780 offers quadrature phase adjustment in the LO path quadrature signals. Make these adjustments through the I_PATH_PHASE_ACCURACY bits and          Q_PATH_PHASE_ACCURACY bits to reject the unwanted sideband signal. "

    My question is…

  • ADRF6780 Source code

    Kindly provide source code of ADRF6780

  • Interface AD9162 to ADRF6780


    We want to interface the AD9162 to ADRF6780 for optimal response across the input range of the IF input of the ADRF6780 (0.8-3.5GHz).

    What are your recommendations for this? Can we wire this directly after a reconstruction filter or would we need…

  • ADRF6780 LO Interfacing


    The pin description of LOIN and LOIP on the ADRF6780 say that these are 100 Ohm differential inputs for the LO path but figure 83 on page 33 of the data sheet shows no termination resistors between the line, is this internal to the chip or isn't one…

  • ADRF6780应用疑问