• ADRF6702 Eval Software Problem

    I have been working with the ADRF6702 off and on, struggling with the software.  We finally got the driver and software installed after a bunch of help calls. 

    Now that I have it installed, I notice that in order to get the software to behave as an integer…

  • RE: 求助ADRF6702的REFIN


    我准备用AD9522-3产生的CMOS时钟作为ADRF6702的REFIN。 同时使用AD9743配合ADRF6702, 用于产生基带信号。想要请问一下,如果AD9743的CLK占空比不是50% (比如40%), 对信号质量是否有影响?

  • RE: AD9516-3电源电流

    建议您分别参考ADRF6702, AD9122, AD9516数据手册上标注的电压值和对应的电流值。

  • RE: ADRF6820 for zero-IF receiver

    Hello Hansberger,

    Two suggestions:

    1) Keep the DC blocking capacitor as it is and observe the output in the default customer evaluation board settings (diff to single-ended through balun)

    2) What is your RF frequency of operation? Can you check the…

  • 正鉴相和负鉴相的区别


  • AD9854-ADRF6701-03 Interface

    Hey Guys,

    You are doing a great work out here.

    However I have a query which I think I'm sure of. But still I am confirming if this can work?

    I have been asked to use AD9854 with ADRF6701-ADRF6703 for this purpose instead of the Up-converter used…

  • RE: Programming ADRF6720-27

    Hi Anil,

    I originally wrote the ADRF6702 and similar applications using the Keil software. This was many years ago, I think I have these files archived, but will have to spend some time looking. I can tell you that these apps did not use any of the bulk…

  • 【ADI实验室电路合集】第2册PDF下载



  • 分享ADI中文参考电路好资料,欢迎下载交流_01


  • Temperature Drift of IQ Modulator LO Leakage after Calibration at 25 degC

    Question: In the attached plot (labeled Figure 10) from the ADL5375 IQ Modulator Datasheet,  LO Leakage degrades significantly vs. temperature at higher frequencies after compensation at 25 degC. What is going on here?

    Answer:  It is important to understand…