• ADRF6655


    We are planning to use ADRF6655 to down convert the received frequency 1427MHz ~ 1432MHz to 427MHz ~ 432MHz (LO -- 2GHz) but input power will be in  -70dBm to -90dBm. This IC will work with this low input power. 


    LO frequency resolution how much…

  • ADRF6655

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with ADRF6655. LO part is not working. I adjust 1090 MHz of LO frequency in Software. I send input frequency as 950MHz and also adjust other requirements as test procedure (5V Vcc, 3.2V IP3SET and 20MHz Ref signal). Then I measure…

  • ADRF6655

    Dear Sirs,

    since ADRF6655 has 64 VCOs with narrow tuning band, I would like to know, if after the calibration, a temperature span from minimum to maximum requires a recalibration or if the kVco is wide enough to assure a stable lock even if there is…

  • ADRF6655 ADS Library

    Good afternoon everybody,

    I'm looking for the ADS Library for the mixer ADRF6655 . I haven't been able to find it and I have read somewhere that Analog doesn't provide the libraries to simulate. In that case, taking into account that S-parameters…

  • ADRF6655 eval board not connected


    I just bought an ADRF6655 eval board and I am trying to program it to using the ADRF6655 evaluation board software. I am using windows 10 and it seems that the USB driver cannot be installed properly resulting the message "ADRF6655 eval board not…

  • ADRF6655评估板问题


    我打算使用ADRF6655作为上变频混频器。ADRF6655的数据手册说,“The standard evaluation is configured for downconversion applications."那么,评估板可以用作上变频应用吗?我的射频频率设计为1700MHz,中频输入为200MHz.


  • Error in LO frequency of ADRF6655

    Hi everybody,

    First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Ricard and I'm student of last year of telecoms degree and I want to use ADRF6655 for downconverting application. I've bought the ADRF6655-evalz board for testing but doesn't have the desired…

  • ADRF6655 upconversion from ~5MHz possible?


    I'm designing a broadband radio receiver that needs to work from about 5 MHz to several GHz. For the lower band of the spectrum (5MHz-600MHz) we thought about using up-conversion to shift it to a center frequency of about 2.4 GHz for several reasons…

  • ADRF6655和ADRF6850的Gerber文件

    我在ADI官网下载了adrf6655的gerber文件,但是用CAM350或者altium Designer打开后,发现gerber显示错乱,如下图所示。


  • Query about ADRF6655's Conversion Gain

    Hi, there

    I brought an EVB of ADRF6655 from your distributor and tested it. Here are two queries that need your help.

    1, I measured ADRF6655 output signal through spectrum analyzer.

    But measured conversion gain is about - 6 dB in the spectrum analyzer…