• ADRF6601 LDO not powering up

    I have the ADRF6601 on a PCB which plugs into a control card. I have two different configurations for plugging the cards together. The control card writes the SPI commands to setup the ADRF6601. In one configuration, the ADRF6601 comes up as expected…

  • ADRF6601 Evaluation PCB USB driver

    I have the ADRF6601 Evaluation PCB. I installed the software, but I can not find a USB driver. I am on Windows 7.  The readme file only mentions WinXP and Vista. Where is the USB driver for Win7 and Win10 for this evaluation PCB?



  • RE: ADRF6601

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  • ADRF6601 Datasheet


    I've got an ADRF6601 evaluation board. But it does't match the schematic in ADRF6601 Data sheet Rev.B.

    Could you please share the latest data sheet (Rev. C)?


  • ADRF6601中寄存器3调制扰动控制的作用?

    在调试时,发现给寄存器3配置数据为0X10000B(默认值)时,电流会从0.2A降到0.1A,更改其配置为0X1000FB时,不变,想问一下DITHER RESTART VALUE 这个值的作用是什么?

  • ADRF6601中寄存器3调制扰动控制的作用?

    在调试时,发现给寄存器3配置数据为0X10000B(默认值)时,电流会从0.2A降到0.1A,更改其配置为0X1000FB时,不变,想问一下DITHER RESTART VALUE 这个值的作用是什么?

  • ADRF6601 Power Spec.

    Please advise to me !

    ADRF6601 Rev.A DateSheet



    Table 4.

    "Power-down mode" 30 mA

    In the description above data sheet,

    what is the "Power-down mode"?

    In order to achieve it (30mA),…

  • ADRF6601 PLL Reference and Phase  Freq Limits ?

       I want to use the ADRF6601 with a 10 MHz reference input freq.   I see the Spec claims a lower limit of 12 MHz.   Is this due to a concern about the rise/fall times of the reference clock ?

       If so, would a square wave 10 MHz reference input be good ?

  • [ADRV6601] How to config IF frequency output 100KHz with RF frequency input 400Mhz ?

    Hi everyone, I have one question.
    The ADRV6601 has frequency operating RF:300Mhz-2500Mhz, LO:750MHz-1160MHz, IF: 0 - 500MHz
    I want to use ADRV6601 to downconverter
     - RF from 400MHz to IF 0.1MHz. How to config the PLL to make LO frequency 400.1MHz? 
     - RF from…

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