• ADRF6520 in/out system connection

    I'm confusing about this part's output network description in user guide.

    There are 2 channels (OPP1/OPM1) (OPP2/OPM2) with 20ohm differential impedance.

    How could I connect to next stage by 100ohm diff pairs from output pin? 

    Btw, is it necessary…

  • ADL5566 and ADRF6520

    Is there an optimum matching circuit to interface the ADL5566 output to the input of the ADRF6520.

    We would like to maintain the low noise figure and high gain of the ADL5566.


  • ADRF6520 Datasheet Pin out problem


    There is a very big mistake in datasheet page 7  "PIN CONFIGURATION AND FUNCTION DESCRIPTIONS".

    There is no information about pin 14 and 27 which are "COM" same as pin 3,6,19 and 22. If you just use "Table 4. Pin Function Description" to…

  • 关于滤波器ADRF6520问题



    1、请问噪音系数为啥这么大?如下图所示,VGN1越小增益越小, 反而噪音系数增大,几十个dB,为啥这么大,还是我理解的有问题?请指教



  • Can the ADRF6520 be driven single ended?

    I want to know if teh ADRF6520 can be driven single ended.

  • About ADRF6520-EVALZ input and output networks

    Dear Sir,

    May I know the input and output design of ADRF6520 EVM is dc-coupled or ac-coupled?

  • How to set LTC5586 ADRF6520 AD9691 Common mode voltages ?

    Dear Sir,
    Our application is Zero-IF.
    But AD9691 provide common mode voltage 0.85V.
    I have some questions as below:
    1. What the common mode voltage for ac-coupled of ADRF6520?
    2. May I use  AC-coupled connection from LTC5586 to ADRF6520 and from ADRF6520…
  • How to set LTC5594 ADRF6520 AD9684 Common mode voltages ?

  • FAQ: What is the Channel To Channel Isolation of the ADRF6520. 

    The Channel to Channel Isolation varies over frequency, gain, and filter corner. 

    Attached are measurements done on a typical part for 3 different filter corners (144, 720 MHz and Bypass Mode ) and 3 different gain settings (0, 30, 54 dB) while keeping…

  • I think I found a graph unit error in the datasheet of ADRF6520.

    While I reading about ADRF6520, I found a graph unit error.

    In the graph below, filter cutoff frequency is tens or hundreds of MHz but the X-axis of the graph shows the maximum frequency of the graph is 5MHz.

    Considering the frequency range of this chip…