• Who can provide ADRF6516 Firmware?


    I will be prepared to debug ADRF6516.

    Who can provide ADRF6516 Firmware for me?

    I would be very grateful!

  • How to match ADL5387 and ADRF6516


    We are designing a circuit which uses a ADL5387 for 140MHZ QAM signal demod and a ADRF6516 for baseband filter. My question is: the output impedance of ADL5387 is 450 Ohm and the inout impedance of ADRF6516 is 1600 Ohm, do we need a matching circuit…

  • ADRF6516


    I have implemented the ADRF6516 on my board in order to demodulate QPSK signal. For information, The Rx I/Q signal is provided by the ADL5380. I would like to know if there's any risk of aging drift in magnitude and phase for each I or Q way.…

  • RE: ADRF6516 Evaluation Board Software

    • Do you have the USB cable plugged into both the PC running the software and the ADRF6516 evaluation board?
    • Did download and install the Windows 7 drivers located on the ADRF6516 product webpage?
  • RE: ADL5802 operation with 1MHz Single ended AC coupled output

    ADL5802 & ADRF6516 purchase qtys are in 1500 nos. which is not possible for R & D. Where we can purchase ADL5802 and ADRF6516 in Qty of 10 nos. as it is in R &D Phase.

  • RE: Optimazation technique for carrier feedthrough reduction in ADL5375

    Using AN-1039 as a reference, what is the recommended configuration if an AD9963 (instead of the AD9788) is driving an ADL5375 and instead of a passive BB filter, an ADRF6516 programmable BB filter is used? Can the AUX DAC be used in the same way for…

  • RE: ADRF6516 Noise & NonLinearity Model

    I can't see the relevant attachment regarding adrf6516 macro model.

  • ADRF6516 LPF with VGA SIngle ended input configuration

    I would like to drive the ADRF6516 with 1MHz Single ended input, whether it is possible to drive in single ended configuration

  • RE: ADRF6516?ADRF6510???????

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
  • IP3 measurement of ADRF6516

    I am trying to verify the performance of a simple line-up ADL5380 eval board followed by ADRF6516 VGA/LPF. I added 632 differential impedance to ADRF6516 which makes it  454 Ohm with 1600 input impedance of actual IC. The ADRF6516 is loaded with 8: 1 transformer…