• ADRF6510 and high 3'rd harmonic level at output


    we have an issue with 3'rd harmonic level at ADRF6510 outputs. The ADRF6510 is driven from ADL5387 directly in DC-coupled mode as it was described in Rev.0 datasheet of ADRF6510. (Rev.A datasheet does not include that reference design any more…

  • ADRF6510


    This is my first time to discuss here, so nice to meet you.

    My problem is whether I can use ADRF6510 in my ultrasound amplification  project. Cause the receival signal of ultrasound is very faint, normally, it would be amplified for  80dB…

  • Problem about ADL5380 connection with ADRF6510


    I used demodulator ADL5380 to convert my measured signals to DC I/Q signals by removing the baluns on its evaluation board. And then I connected ADL5380 with ADRF6510 evaluation board (I also removed the baluns at the input and output port) to filter…

  • RE: Problem about the differential outputs of ADRF6510

    Hi Joel,

    I checked the data sheet for ADL5380. When I connect 1.5k Ohm resistor between ADJ pin and Vs, the output Common mode is Vs-2.5V. If Vs=5V, the output common mode of ADL5380 evaluation board is 2.5V. It can be compatible with ADRF6510 common…

  • Disable state for ADRF6510


    We intent to use the ADRF6510 on a design for an analog to digital conversion board.

    The design of the board include a filter for the input signals with the ADRF6510, the outputs of the ADRF6510 are conected to an AD9640 ADC device.

    We want…

  • RE: ADRF6510 used to be smoothing Filter between DAC and Modulator?

    Thanks you very much!!

    The answer of VGA response time is what I want to know.

    Now I want to use ADRF6510 between DAC(AD9777) and Modulator(ADL5385).

    Below are descriptions about some questions.

    1. ADRF6510 and ADL5385

        The differential baseband…

  • RE: How can I re-program EEPROM on ADRF6518 Evaluation Board ?

    Hi Piotr,

    Here's what you need to do if the PID and VID are not 0x7050 and 0x0456:

    1)  Download and install the windows 7 drivers if you have not already:


  • will ADRF6510 IC makes its SPI DOUT (SDO) pin tri-stated, when the SPI-Bus is not in use (SPI select is deasserted)?


    we have 4 no. ADRF6510 ICs on our board. The SPI bus of these 4 ICs is interafced with the Controller device. 

    There is only one SPI from the controller is used to interface the SPI bus of these 4 ADRF6510 ICs. 

    so, please let us know that is t…

  • How to match ADL5387 and ADRF6516


    We are designing a circuit which uses a ADL5387 for 140MHZ QAM signal demod and a ADRF6516 for baseband filter. My question is: the output impedance of ADL5387 is 450 Ohm and the inout impedance of ADRF6516 is 1600 Ohm, do we need a matching circuit…