• ADRF6510


    This is my first time to discuss here, so nice to meet you.

    My problem is whether I can use ADRF6510 in my ultrasound amplification  project. Cause the receival signal of ultrasound is very faint, normally, it would be amplified for  80dB…

  • Query about ADRF6510

    Hi, there

    I have a query about ADRF6510. In Figure 57 of its datasheet, there is 5dB gain in band of Third-Order Baseband Filter Response. I found that the filter is passive, why is there gain available?

    Could you please help give some comments on the…

  • Disable state for ADRF6510


    We intent to use the ADRF6510 on a design for an analog to digital conversion board.

    The design of the board include a filter for the input signals with the ADRF6510, the outputs of the ADRF6510 are conected to an AD9640 ADC device.

    We want…

  • Setup for ADRF6510


    We have selected the programmable filter ADRF6510 from Analog Devices to be part of a new RF design.

    There are two filters in our design, one for the Tx channel and the other one for the Rx channel.

    The main performances we require from this…

  • Default frequency bandwidth in ADRF6510


    We are using the ADRF6510 filter in our design as a input filter for a ADC AD9640.

    We are studing the posibility of use the ADRF6510 controlled only with the Enable input and power.

    Our question is, after power-up and after the Enable input…

  • Noise figure of ADRF6510


    I have a question about ADRF6510 NF specification from a customer.

    ADRF6510 NF characteristics is indicated in figure-28 and figure-29 in the datasheet.The lowest NF is 21dB at 50dB of gain and worst NF is 55dB at 2dB of gain. (BW:30MHz)The NF…

  • ADRF6510 Single channel mode

    Hello ,

    Our customer wants to use the ADRF6510  but if we only use one of the filters, how do we terminate the unused filter.  Thank you



  • ADRF6510 : stop band characteristics


    I have a question about ADRF6510 from our customer.
    He wants to know the stop band characteristics.
    what is the upper limit of frequency which can be reduced ?
    If you have the stop band characteristics which included high frequency arera, please…

  • ADRF6510 software not working

    I have recently started using the ADRF6510 evaluation board. I have installed the software but when I use it to write a cutoff frequency to the device the frequency read back is always "1", regardless of what I try to write. Using an oscilloscope probe…

  • ADRF6510发烫的问题



    2.该芯片可写可读,请问  如果我只写入了截止频率  而不读取有影响吗