• RE: on/off time of ADRF5730 vs. HMC939ALP4E


    I am not sure about which part you measured before, but I think it is really case dependent.

    For ADRF5730, the typical switching speed is 125ns in the datasheet, and for HMC939ALP4E, it is 60ns typical. It is impossible for these two parts having…

  • RE: ADRF5730 max. RFsettling time of 1dB


    The typical RF settling time to 1dB of the final RF output is around 150ns. Over temp, I am expecting around +/- 10ns variations.

  • RE: ADRF5730


    ADRF5730 is compatible with 1.8V SPI level, as long as it is within 1.2 to 3.3V range;

    No, for supply voltages, Table 1 lists the min/max values as +/- 3.15 to 3.45V. Otherwise, the performance and the reliability will be compromised.

  • ADRF5730 Default Attenuation State

    If the ADRF5730 is wired for Serial Mode operation by pulling PS high and if we are pulling LE, CLK, and SEROUT low on startup to keep them in a known state, is there a default attenuation setting the the ADRF5730 will power up to before the initial SPI…

  • ADRF5730 RF input damage

    Can the ADRF5730 be damaged if RF is present before power-on or after power-off?  If so, how much RF power?

  • ADRF5730 S Parameters question

    It's important that I know the reference plane where these measurements were taken. The data sheet says they were taken on the probe matrix board and that this board also includes a TRL cal kit. It also says the "Measurements are made using GSG probes…

  • ADRF5730 Power-up/Power-down Sequencing

    Page 13 of the ADRF5730 device data sheet lists a power-up/power-down sequence.  I am trying to gauge the importance of this sequencing.  Is this presented only a recommendation or does the sequence, particularly the power-down sequence, absolutely need…

  • Question about controling 0.5dB step size of ADRF5730


    My customer is considering to use ADRF5730 in their system.

    And inprotant parameters are 0.5dB step size and 31.5dB max. attuation.

    And a frequency of input signals are from 6GHz to 8.5GHz.

    During the operation test, they find that they have…

  • ADRF5730 - Isolation between RF output port and control lines


    I'm planning to share the same control lines (D0-D5) for 6 no.of Digital attenautor ADRF5730 in different channel, by enabling one at time using LE. 

    In RF path I need the channel to channel isolation of 75dB. So, to calculate the RF signal coupling…

  • ADRF5730 Attenuator eval card in parallel mode - tie atten select lines direct to 3.3V?

    There are not any pullups on these parallel control lines. Since they draw very little current, can I control them by connecting them directly to 3.3V? I'm having difficulty in getting the attenuator to operate properly. I know about the power sequencing…